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With a good amount of features, Magix Fastcut is an intuitive, easy to use solution for GoPro and other action cam users.

Software Review: ‘Magix Fastcut’

Magix has released a new video editing tool for GoPro and other action camera owners, aptly named Fastcut. In the spirit of action cams, it’s designed to be easy to use and allow you to make sure your editing sessions are nice and short. While there are other easy to use video editing programs out there, Fastcut’s features set it apart from its competition, and though it’s geared for action cam users, this editing solution is suitable for almost any video source. Magix Fastcut is only available currently for Windows PC.

Magix, Fastcut, video editing, software, GoPro, Action camMagix Fastcut starts up quickly, lets you import your video and then offers users a handful of templates to use. You can also edit videos directly on your camera.  The five available templates are already scored to get you done quickly, or you can forgo the assist and start from scratch. You can manually import video, photos, and audio tracks from the menu bar.  The clips can then be edited and text and transitions can also be added.  While all of this sounds just like Apple’s iMovie or Microsoft’s Movie Maker, neither of them offer any of the video correction features available in Magix Fastcut.

Once you’ve got your action cam video into Magix Fastcut, you can fix all of the bad stuff that goes along with a fast moving portable camera. You can rotate an upside down or sideways recording in 90 degree increments, as well as apply image stabilization or rumble filter. You can also fix wide-angle distortions and even remove wind noise. Once those issues are out of the way, you can even adjust brightness, contrast, color, and exposure levels. Luckily, all of these feature are easy to use with an intuitive menu system.

Magix, Fastcut, video editing, software, GoPro, Action camOnce you’re happy with your source video in Magix Fastcut, you can move on to more artistic enhancements. Fastcut allows you to easily manipulate the speed of the video and even play a clip backwards. Like I mentioned before, you can adjust color manually, but Fastcut has some selectable templates that make it easier.  You can old analog add TV stripes, noise, a black and white, or sepia effect all with a mouse click.  Zooming and panning, along with other formatting options are just as easy.  The title and text options are also pretty robust while still being easy to use.

Magix Fastcut is just as easy to use as programs like iMovie and Movie Maker, but offers much more for the action cam user.  Unless, you want to spend a good amount of time in front of your computer, there isn’t a better option out there.  While the number of available templates is fairly small, the included features are pretty robust, allowing for quite a bit of creativity.  Once you’re done creating your masterpiece, the program offers a built in sharing feature that will upload your video to YouTube, Facebook, showfy, or Vimeo. Add that to an extremely intuitive interface, and what you have is a perfect companion for your GoPro or other action cam.

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