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Incredibly easy to use and it really makes a difference in your presentation.

Software Review: Adobe Photoshop PhotoFrame 4 Plug-In from onOne Software

PhotoFrame Pro 4 is the latest version of the plug-in from onOne Software that lets you create image frames and border effects for your images. You can now add realistic film and darkroom effects, as well as artistic edges like torn paper, brush strokes, and even full-on layouts with backgrounds, textures, and adornments.

PhotoFrame Pro 4 requires you to have Windows running XP SP2 or Vista on a Pentium 4 class processor or higher, or Mac G5 or higher running OS X 10.4.10 or later. You will need Photoshop CS2 (v9.0.2), CS3, CS4, or Photoshop Elements 4 or later. Also you must have at least 1GB of RAM and 1GB of hard-disk space. Internet connections for updates, DVD drive, and 1024×768 display are also necessities. Installation is very easy and is all automatic.

PhotoFrame 4So why would you need PhotoFrame? If you are a professional photographer, graphic artist, or illustrator, many times you need to add that professional touch to your client's image. Perhaps you are putting together a portfolio to sell yourself and you need something to set you apart from the rest. That’s where PhotoFrame 4 comes in. It gives you thousands of predefined options, and with the ability to modify and save your own based on the presets, you really have an unlimited range of choices available to you.

Here's what is new with version PhotoFrame 4:

• New Library Window – allows you to search, browse, and preview frames. You choose your image, activate PhotoFrame, and your image comes up where you can see what it looks like. On the left, you have a large amount of preset frames that you can choose from. You have everything from backgrounds to layouts to instant film to texture overlays. You also have presets or can create your own that automatically stylize your image.

• Optimized Content – results from the fact that PhotoFrame has thinned down the content to the best of the best frames. Don't worry, if there is something missing from the prior version, if you need more, all of the ones that have been thinned out are still available for free download giving you access to over 4000 frames.
PhotoFrame 4
• Improved Presets – now allows you to preview your presets so that you can see what they look like before you make your selection. You can also share your presets with other users of PhotoFrame, as well as download and use presets from the onOne Exchange.

• Resizable Image Layer – gives you the ability to resize and reposition the image layer letting you make your scene fit into a frame without losing any of your image. It also makes it easy to get the perfect size image inside a matted frame.

• New Rulers and Guides – will help you control the size and placement of your image accurately. You can measure from the center out, or from the outside in. It is a full-featured ruler so that you can make sure that your alignment is accurate.

• Improved Color Picker – gives you a larger array of colors to pick from including a grayscale gradient. You can also access Photoshop's color picker, as well giving you access to Pantone color libraries and Web colors.

• Batch Processing – now lets you process a whole folder of images. You can add frames, change sizes, type, and color space. You can even create two files at the exact same time, one for print and one for the Web.

• Random Frames – has been improved as well. It will now use random blending modes when applying random frames. There is even an option to keep random frames monochromatic.

• Look and Feel – has been updated as well. It features a dark, understated look that has been becoming more common in the digital imaging world. It puts the image at the center of attention. The controls have been placed much more logically as well.

• Video Tutorials – are built in to help you get up to speed fast. With a dozen available, you'll find the right one to make the most of PhotoFrame 4.

• Lightroom and Aperture Integration (Professional Edition) – will let you use your favorite frames right inside of Adobe Photoshop or Apple Aperture. You can even open one image to adjust the frame settings and then apply it to all of the images in the selection.

PhotoFrame 4• Library Location – is completely selectable. You can choose the drive and location. You can even relocate it later. You can also create and add your own frames to your library.

PhotoFrame 4 comes in two versions. Standard version is $159.95 USD comes with a base set of over 1000 frames and all of the base functionality. The Professional version is $259.95 and adds the Lightroom and Aperture functionality as well as over 200 additional frames and preset from professionals Jack Davis, Kevin Kubota, Laurie Excell, Dave Cross, Vincent Versace, Vicki Taufer, Jim DiVitale, Helene Glassman, and Rick Sammon.

PhotoFrame 4 is incredibly easy to use and it really makes a difference in your presentation. If you are a professional, especially working in the portrait realm, weddings, senior pictures, family portraits, I don't know how you can do without a product of this type. Simply put, it will help you make the sale. I highly recommend this product.

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