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It's cold out there; be sure to wear the proper clothing when snowmobiling.

Snowmobile Essentials

Snowmobiles are a kick to ride, but as with any other activity, proper gear is essential. The right snow gear can make the difference between having a heap of fun and suffering extreme misery. Remember, it is cold out there.

Snowmobile clothing that fits correctly and is insulated allows you to enjoy the sport and avoid the ravages of cold weather. Blasting along a serpentine trail demands quick reflexes, which require flexible and comfortable clothing. Lots of companies manufacture snow gear, using a variety of materials and construction methods. When shopping for clothing, choose garments that fit your needs. Staying warm is the goal.

Appropriate snow gear consists of: bib overalls, which are roomy pants that come up to your chest, usually having suspenders; an insulated jacket which rides over the pants; warm gloves or mittens; and a cozy insulated hat and pair of boots. The final essential item is a helmet, which is very important. You’ll thank your lucky stars for your helmet if you’re ever involved in an accident.

If you’re sensitive to cold weather, leave room for long underwear and an extra layer underneath your bib overalls. The new high-tech jackets are made of wind-resistant and waterproof materials, and although they cost a little more, are a good investment. Gloves provide more flexibility than mittens, but mittens are usually warmer – you’ll have to decide. Helmets and boots come in a variety of styles. Some are better for recreational riders, while others cater to racers. A fog-proof helmet is a great investment, but regardless of the helmet’s features be sure it is DOT or SNELL approved.

When it comes to snow gear, word of mouth advertising is a dependable source of information. Many websites offer reader reviews of snow gear. These reviews offer real-world information about the gear’s quality and durability. Once you decide what you want, shop around online, where you can usually get a pretty good deal. More often than not, online dealers have a wider selection on hand than your local snowmobile dealer. Of course, sizing could be a problem, but most online dealers offer fast and easy exchanges or returns. So it’s a pretty safe bet.

Your snow gear, whatever you choose, should accomplish three primary goals: it should keep you warm, dry, and safe. Don’t let your gear interfere with your safety. Avoid long scarves or clothing that fits too loosely. It can catch on something and result in injury.

Once you have your snowmobile essentials, get out there and have some fun. There’s nothing quite like zipping along a trail covered in deep packed powder. It’s like a magic carpet ride.

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