Thursday , May 23 2024
A rainy not snowy Coney Island

Snow Good – New Yorkers Are Upset By the Lack of Snow

Snow good? New Yorkers are complaining about the lack of snow. I cannot fathom why anyone would want snow. In my mind a dusting of snow is perfectly okay, but anything beyond that is a pain in the tuchus.

Snow Drought

Here I am shoveling a year ago on this day.

Usually, New York City receives its first brush of snow sometime in December, and the latest day it has snowed in the city was January 29. Since today is January 30, we have broken a 50 year record for the city going snowless. As usual, New Yorkers have something to gripe about, and the weather is one of their favorite topics.

As for this New Yorker, I have a strong memory and a bad back, so snow is not something I look forward to in the forecast. Why would I want to have to shovel my driveway, clean off my car, and scrape the windshield before driving to work? Who needs that?

Visions of School Closings

Kids Forever Wait in Hope for the Storm that Closes Schools

Of course, children across the city and its suburbs long for snow. It is the great equalizer. There is something that can stand between them and a school day. I recall listening to 1010 WINS as a kid hoping to hear that my school was closed when it was snowing. I get that angle for kids, who usually just sit inside and play with their toys or watch TV on a snow day while the adults suffer outside in the cold as they clear the sidewalks and driveways. 

Killjoy Mayors

Unfortunately, in NYC the mayors rarely called a snow day when I was growing up. It had to be a city stopping blizzard to do that like the one in 1978. There was great joy among children and great agony for adults. Besides, these days with the possibilities of remote teaching, snow days with no school should really be a thing of the past.

Still, New Yorkers are complaining about not having snow and I’m wondering why. Yes, it makes parks look beautiful, gives trees a magical glow, and the world – even the city that never sleeps – goes quiet and all things seem peaceful. I guess that is what New Yorkers want more than anything. They would like the city to stop for a day or two, like a little vacation from the rat race, even if it means the impediment of not being able to do things easily. 

When It Does Snow, New Yorkers Will Complain

Walking the dog is not enjoyable during a big snowstorm.

As of now there is no snow in the New York, but I do recall the worst snowstorms hitting us in February. It is the month when we get the most snow. So don’t put away the shovels, ice melt, and snow boots just yet. New Yorkers may just get what they are wishing for, and then they will have something else to complain about. 

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