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Among many of the discussions on social media during the long hiatus, chatter turned to one character in particular, Joe Corbin, portrayed by Zach Appelman.

‘Sleepy Hollow’ Star Zach Appelman To Close NASDAQ

After a downhill spiral last season, Sleepy Hollow gained its momentum back with a new apocalyptic threat, several new additions to the cast, and a new show-runner in Clifton Campbell (The Glades). While the Sleepyhead Zach NYCCfandom rose up in protest after the season two debacle that left some running for the nearest exit, it is the fandom as a whole that banned together, voices at a high pitch, clamoring for season three.

The network responded ten-fold and crafted a chapter of the historical thriller that found our two Witnesses recommitting to their biblical roles, a brand new villainous couple hell-bent on bending “this world to our will,” and the long-awaited burgeoning relationship between the leads, Ichabod Crane (Tom Mison) and Abbie Mills (Nicole Beharie) (aka) “Ichabbie”.

Among many of the discussions on social media during the long hiatus, chatter turned to one character in particular, Joe Corbin, portrayed by Zach Appelman. Introduced in the season two episode titled “And the Abyss Gazes Back,” Sleepyheads got their first look at Sheriff August Corbin’s (Clancy Brown) son Joe, who became the unfortunate victim of a curse conjured by Ichabod’s ‘Horseman of War’ off-spring, Henry Parrish (John Noble).  The curse turned him into a Wendigo, blood as the trigger, which caused the creature to crave human flesh! Thankfully, after a spine-tingling nail-biter, the curse was broken by Team Witness and Joe was promptly sent off to join the Corp.

Though killed off in the pilot, Sheriff August Corbin remains one of the endearing characters that fans long to see return via flashbacks now that Joe has picked up his father’s torch and joined Team Witness.  While we wait with anticipation for glimpse of a father and son flashback, it’s important to point out that once again it was the fan’s voices that asked for Joe Corbin’s return.  Many felt it only made sense that he’d be part of the team- he grew up in Sleepy Hollow, with the Mills Sisters, whom Sheriff Corbin groomed to become the kick ass, apocalyptic fighting women they are!  Not only is “Ichabbie” on the horizon, but Joe and Abbie’s sister Jenny (Lyndie Greenwood) are Joennymaking a go of it, both trying to navigate a relationship in between fighting evil. For the most part “Joenny” (smush name for Jenny and Joe) have made quite an impression, though there was a tiny bit of backlash due to the fact they got together much quicker than Ichabod and Abbie! (We’re still waiting)

Another hot topic on social media among Sleepyheads is the lack of promotion of the series this season by the network.  I can say that I have been perplexed by it as well, though have a feeling some of the problem is the budget. It’s no secret that The X-Files return to the network has been its main focus and promoting it off the charts, similar to what Sleepy Hollow had in its first season.  While I understand promoting the return of the ground-breaking phenomena (yes I’m an XPhiler), Empire continues to get elevated promotions during its season two, along with a plethora of new series that in my opinion, are very luke warm compared to Sleepy Hollow.  I believe this is why we’ve seen the obvious decreasing budget for Sleepy Hollow.  But I digress.

Although promotions have been at a whisper for Sleepy Hollow, I was thrilled to learn that Thursday, March 10, Zach Appelman will be ringing the closing bell for NASDAQ.  The event will be at 3:45 ET and live streamed via their YouTube channel.

Don’t miss another thrilling episode of Sleepy Hollow “Into the Wild”, Friday March 11 at 8:00 p.m. on FOX!



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