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As Tom Mison said in his interview with "TV Guide," "It's all about Abbie. He's completely in love with her."

‘Sleepy Hollow’: Ichabod and Abbie’s Relationship

iCHABBIE-BANNER_128The chemistry between Sleepy Hollow‘s Tom Mison (Ichabod Crane) and Nicole Beharie (Abbie Mills) is unmistakable, whether you see them in person or in character on the screen.  They just have an organic connection, a spark that makes the audience squeal with delight at every sideways glance, touch, and epic hug.

Most of you that know me are aware I’m an “Ichabbie” (codeword for the Ichabod-Abbie “ship”) fan, so of course I’m thrilled that Katrina (Katia Winter) is finally going dark side, paving the way for our Witnesses to take their relationship up a notch.

In speaking with fans on social media, I’ve noticed that many watch each episode looking for that connection between the two Witnesses, the flame that has been there since day one.  Even with all the Crane family drama, there have been key episodes this season that have slowly brought Ichabod and Abbie realizing their feelings for each other.

Here’s a little run down of those special moments:

In “This Is War,” while trapped six feet under, Ichabod attempts to leave a video message for Abbie, and, pointedly, not his wife Katrina.  I think one of the best mIchabbie hugoments of the season is when Abbie contacts Ichabod while in Purgatory. The ‘hug heard ’round the world’ clearly depicts how much they care for each other, as neither seems to want to let it end, letting it go on for a long moment.  It is the one scene fans bring up over and over again.

In “Weeping Lady,” Mary Wells (Heather Lind, Turn)  goes after Caroline (Laura Spencer), who has a crush on Ichabod (who doesn’t?), nearly kills Abbie, who has unspoken feelings for him, and then goes after Katrina. Abbie becomes her second victim, dragged into a watery portal while at the library.

A panicked Ichabbie2Ichabod finally pulls her out but it’s too late! She’s not breathing and our 18th Century genius doesn’t know CPR! “No, no, no, no Abbie!” He really believes he’s lost her as he helplessly watches Hawley (Matt Barr) administer CPR. (Interestingly after almost losing Abbie, Ichabod immediately learns CPR which we see him use in “Deliverance” to save Katrina.) But the pivotal turning point in Ichabod’s crumbling marriage, is when he discovers just how far Katrina will go to keep him on course to claim is role as a Witness, never telling him that she knew Mary died. Though she attempts to sidestep the issue, Ichabod isn’t having it, “I will not leave here until I hear the words from your lips!” I’d like to point out that Mary only goes after women who have feelings for Ichabod–like Abbie!

That brings us to “Heartless” and jealous Ichabod which I absolutely loved seeing! Let’s review. The episode is about a Succubus (Caroline Ford) that Henry (John Noble) conjures to “feed” baby Moloch.  This creature can sense the deep inner desires people don’t always want to admit.  Fast forward to Abbie, who seeks out Hawley’s help in identifying strange marks on SH Heartless4their latest victim.  Though he has designs on her, she doesn’t, and while back at the cabin talking to Ichabod, she flirts with him by putting her hand on his leg.  He notices but the quick moment is interrupted by Katrina! Dammit! Things become clearer for our 18th Century traveler after Hawley is attacked and he realizes the mercenary has feelings for “Lieutenant.” I love the scene in the car in which Ichabod keeps looking at her sideways, trying to figure a way to bring up the subject.  I think it’s safe to say he is happy to hear she isn’t planning to start anything with the reprobate!

Next Ichabod and Hawley are on a mission to  find the Succubus at the hip nightclub Twerk.  After seeing the brut’s wandering eye, Ichabod questions his intentions with Abbie.  Of course being a 21st Century man, Hawley refuses to discuss it, least of all with Ichabod! I love when the Succubus finally has a face to face conversation with Ichabod, “I sense your desire, it burns strong though you try so hard to hide it.” Priceless.

“Kali Yuga” allows us to see that look of love as they eye each ichabbie14other during Karaoke. Jenny (Lyndie Greenwood), who I believe knows Ichabod and Abbie have feelings for one another, presses both, though neither is about to admit anything. It is nice seeing the sisters talk during Karaoke, as well as later at the pawn shop, “He’s trying to work things out with his witch wife.”

Oh, Abbie, you’re just waiting in the wings aren’t you?  After working apart for while and Ichabod learning Abbie kept the charm Rebel Angel Orion gave her from him, they are trapped in a vault at the Knox Estate trying to help Hawley.  The two hash things out, and finally appear to be on the same page again.  In a cutest Ichabbie moment, the two cement their new found bond by singing a duet to “Proud Mary.”

The duo have had their ups and downs trying to “redefine” their role as Witnesses, and in doing so, the communication between them sort of breaks down.  Of course this is a symptom of something much bigger than neither are willing to deal with just yet: their deepening feelings for each other.  In “Pittura Infamante,” Abbie, though appearing to be supportive as Ichabod readies for his “date” with Katrina, points out once again that Katrina has continually undermined their mission. The sadness in her voice when she suggests he not go out was unmistakable.

As the season comes to a close, I think the two will have no choice but to admit their feelings for each other.  As Tom Mison said in his interview with TV Guide, “It’s all about Abbie.  He’s completely in love with her.”  If this is the case, I think we’re in for one hell of a final moment as season two concludes and I for one cannot wait!


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