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Guest Celebrities to host Hostile Takeover On Sirius Radio

Sirius Radio plans Hostile Takeover

On December 16 at 7:00 PM, Sirius radio will launch a new show, Hostile Takeover hosted by celebrities and sports figures. The hosts will play music of their choosing, and fans will be able to call in and ask any questions they wish.

Skater-turned-actor Jason Lee, of My Name Is Earl (NBC) along with Chris Pastras will launch the first show by hosting the first episode. Future hosts include; southern California punk icons Pennywise; multi-platinum rock band Korn; and BMX bike rider Dave Mirra. Mirra is the most decorated medalist in X Games history and is the host of MTV’s Real World/Road Rules Challenge

Another future host, Mike V voiced what many are saying about Hostile Takeover by saying,

I’ m really looking forward to connecting with my fans, no holds barred and uncensored. I’ll tell some stories from the road, play some of my favorite tunes, and have a great time on SIRIUS Faction 28.

Hostile Takeover will be broadcast every Friday at 7:00 pm exclusively on Sirius Fraction Channel 28. Faction 28 is a commercial-free and uncensored music channel on Sirius which focuses on the action sports lifestyle and plays a mix of punk, rock, metal and hip-hop. The station carries weekly radio programs hosted by MTV’s Bam Margera, skate legend Tony Hawk, and pro cyclist Lance Armstrong to name a few.

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