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Musgo Del Jefe offers suggestions on what's worth watching for the upcoming week.

Senses Working Overtime: This Week in Television (10/21/07)

Written by Musgo Del Jefe

No. 45 – Dazed and Confused (ENC) (SUN)

Do I over-value this film? Maybe. But there are films that completely catch you off guard and remind you why you love watching movies. Seeing this film at the end of my time living in California and then again on video (and laser disc!) when my comic book store Gen X opened, the movie served as an important transition. It's debut on video, the week that Gen X opened should be a sign right there. Heck, if you think I'm reaching to place it at No. 45, no other than Quentin Tarantino places it in his twelve greatest films of all time. It's possible that it won't even be the highest ranked "High School" movie on my list. I was in Elementary school in 1976, but the Austin, Texas of the film seemed so close to Mattawan, Michigan of the mid-80s that it was scary/funny. I'd write more, but I don't want to "jeopardize the goal of a championship season in '76".

Ratings around this movie:
44 – Aliens
50 – Terminator 2
54 – Alien
58 – Dracula (1931)

Stalking Jihad (HIST) The History Channel is great at finding these moments to feature. It's merely weeks before the 9-11 attacks and al-Qaida kidnaps dozens of people in the Philippines. Author, Mark Bowden, shows the connections to 9-11 and the pirate like showdown between US agents and terrorists on the high seas.

Nature Of The Beast (FAM) Finch from American Pie plays a werewolf trying to be cured before his wedding. It's probably as awful as that sentence makes it sound. But actor Eddie Kaye Thomas has been in Freddy Got Fingered and The Rage: Carrie 2 – this has to be scarier than those two put together.

Heroes (NBC) This show is off to a rocky start to say the least. Can Veronica Mars figure out what's going on? Maybe Buffy and the Scooby Gang can figure it out next week.

Chuck (NBC) I may have to tune into this Heroes lead-in for entertaining NBC drama on Monday nights. I haven't forgot you Prison Break, thank goodness, but Fox confuses me with all this baseball in October.

Planet In Peril (CNN) It's not even sweeps and CNN is scaring me about the Global Warming thing again? Staph Infections, B. Spears, and now this. It's a scary world.

150th Dirty Job Extravaganza (DISC) Good primer for the series if you don't watch religiously. Best of the worst jobs, bloopers and extra footage should be fun. Should make it easier to go to my work on Wednesday.

Late Night W/Conan O'Brien (NBC) Jessica Alba and Bear Grylls make a great couple.

MLB World Series Game 1 (FOX) I don't care if it's Red Sox or Indians – I'm sitting in the front seat of the Rockies bandwagon with a foam finger in one hand and two beers in that hard-hat contraption.

Phenomenon (NBC) Worst new series that I want to watch? This one. I think the pitch meeting went something like this . . ."It's American Idol for mentalists. No, not mentals, mentalists."

Late Night W/Conan O'Brien (NBC) Steve Carell, Jennifer Esposito, and Flight Of The Conchords are a rockin' cast.

Scrubs (NBC) Back again for its final season and my Thursday nights feel a little more complete.

The Office (NBC) Back to 30 minutes like it should be! And Dwight becomes obsessed with an online game. Is it my imagination or is this season very Dwight heavy?

Friday Night Lights (NBC) I hope that NBC has the guts to stick this out – I don't know why this isn't the most Tivo'd show on the Network -it's definitely the most addictive.

Bloodsucking Cinema (STARZ) One hour to wake the dead. Famous vampire director Johns – Carpenter and Landis among others talk about vamp movies and other blood-related films.

Halloween Madness (TLC) I know it's starting to happen in my neighborhood – but are people decorating more for Halloween and Christmas? Here's some folks that take it all way to seriously.

Headless Horseman (SCI-FI) Well, Sci-Fi, you never fail to disappoint (or whatever the opposite of that would be). This one "stars" Richard Moll (Bull from Night Court) and kids being hunted down by the title character. Weren't there some leftover 25 ft. gators that could've stormed this movie? Maybe a really big mantis? Or a Category 7 hurricane/tornado that could hit at the same time? Hold that idea for sweeps.

TV-ON-DVD TO OWN: (to be released October 23)
1. Young Indiana Jones (Volume 1) ($69.99 at Best Buy) It's pricey but all the extras will keep you busy until Christmas morning.

2. The Sopranos (Season 6, Part 2) ($54.99 at Best Buy) Some day I'll start the Sopranos project and then we'll talk.

3. Voyage To The Bottom Of The Sea (Season 3, Vol. 2) ($27.99 at Best Buy) Classic TV at it's campy, fun best.

4. Super Powers Team: Galactic Guardians ($19.99 at Best Buy) Great collection of heroes and villains – belongs in all libraries.

5. Veronica Mars (Season 3) ($37.99 at Best Buy) Because you'll want to see more of her after that Heroes appearance.

The first sitcom I remember watching consistently in repeats was Father Knows Best. It rarely makes it to TV anymore. But rumors abound that Shout! Factory is working on a 2008 DVD release. It will be worth the wait. Rocket Robin Hood (Vol. 1) has been delayed until Nov. 27th.


Get both the original Halloween and Nightmare On Elm Street for less than $10.00 ($4.99 each) because you need some background for your Halloween party.

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