Saturday , February 24 2024
With all the different networks out there, how can anyone ever find their favorite programs anymore?

Searching for My Favorite Shows

For the past three summers, I’ve watched The 4400 without fail. I really enjoy it and have yet to miss an episode. The same is true for the random reappearances of Monk and various other cable shows. I feel like the only reason I’m able to follow these and other cable shows so closely, however, is because of my TiVo. Otherwise, how would I possibly know when these things are coming back?

Does having a TiVo allow me to skip the promos so I don’t know these things are coming back or do shows just seem to magically reappear? I also find out about stuff like the premiere of Blade or even Hell’s Kitchen by reading the TV e-mails sent to me on a daily basis. I do know to look for more new cable series during the summer, but with so many channels out there, if I didn’t spend a lot of time looking for what to watch, what would I find?

Even if the networks aren’t really going all out to program during the summer, cable networks are certainly picking up the slack. A show like The 4400 has been quite successful only doing short cycles during the summer, and it has found a following three years in a row. So there are certainly people out there not only looking for it, but finding it.

The corollary to this, of course, is if I didn’t know I was missing it, would it bother me? Surely there are other ways I could fill my time (I am an avid reader as well, so let’s not venture down that path). Well, I believe TV has done me good and TV will continue to do me good (excuse the paraphrasing). I don’t see it as purely passive.

A good show will make you wonder, make you think, make you contemplate. A good show makes you an active participant with the show, and not in a “Choose Your Own Adventure” mode. It places you there and makes you care about being there. It makes you wonder what is going to happen after you turn the TV off.

And, perhaps most importantly, it makes you go and search out the next season and wait with baited breath, even if it is 10 months off.

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