Tuesday , February 27 2024
More fall TV than you can shake a stick at.

Screen Time 9/7/10: Gazing at the Fall

Screen Time tonight turned its eyes towards the fall television season.  Or, perhaps, gazed slightly more strongly at said season than we have in the past. 

This last weekend I sat down and checked out one good pilot, one less than good pilot, and two somewhat indifferent pilots (listen to find out which one was what one and what one was who, to paraphrase), while Erin Medley is still wholly devoted to her “review based on the promo” technique.  Now, the odd thing is, that our thoughts are mostly in sync with each other despite the different viewing techniques. 

We didn’t solely focus on the fall, however, there was also a discussion of summer reality TV including Bridezillas.  Quite unexpectedly I turned the show on this weekend to see what the fuss was all about (if fuss still remains).

Click the play button below and you’ll also get to hear just what show Erin Medley is dying to see come back this fall as well as a couple with which I’m pretty smitten.

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