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That's it, Erin Medley and I want in.

Screen Time 9/28/10 – Oh to be on The Amazing Race

In this final September 2010 edition of Screen Time, Erin Medley and I were able to turn our attention once more to the newly blooming television season.  Well, most of it is blooming anyway, some of it is dying and/or dead, like the newly axed LoneStar.  Today, the FOX series became the first cancellation of the television season.  It’s a show that many critics out there seemed to like, but neither Erin nor I could make heads or tails of and weren’t terribly interested in (like, apparently, most of the country).

Over the course of tonight’s terribly wide-ranging episode we also managed to touch on The Amazing Race, and Erin and I are proud to announce that it is our most sincere wish to be on cycle 18 of the series (or 19 or 20).  The two of us have stayed on the sidelines laughing at the contestants long enough, it’s high time that we threw our hats into the ring. 

Click the play button below and hear all (or some) about that, Hellcats, Mel B’s show, Modern Family, Cougar Town, and My Generation.

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