Monday , August 2 2021
With the television officially opened, Erin Medley and I had much to discuss this week.

Screen Time 9/21/10 – The TV Season Has Begun!

The television season has officially begun and that means that Erin Medley and I had a whole lot to talk about on this week’s episode of Screen Time.  We spent a decent amount of time talking about House and the difficulties that show will have as they try to move Cuddy and House into being a couple over the course of this season (if they try to move Cuddy and House into being a couple).  That’s a tough thing for a series to do and it’s going to be tougher for Castle than for House due to the nature of that show and we talked about Castle too.

We even managed to wedge in a short discussion of The Event.. okay, we talked about The Event a lot, but that’s only because we had so much to say about it.  I won’t tell you exactly what we said, but if heard our discussion from a couple of week’s back you probably have a good idea. 

There was so much good tonight, just click play below to hear it all.

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