Friday , April 12 2024
Tonight, we finally discuss fall programming!

Screen Time – 8/3/10

On this week’s episode of Screen Time, Erin Medley and I talked… Jersey Shore!  No, really, we did for about four minutes before moving on to different – and in the opinion of some, better – things. But, should you want to hear our Snookie-based discussion, it’s there.

We actually managed, about halfway through the episode, to get onto the main topic of the night – fall television programming.  I have come up with the list of shows I plan on watching come the beginning of the television season (Erin has hers semi-memorized) and we spent some time discussing Monday with a little bit of Tuesday and a tad of Thursday thrown in for good measure.  I am, at this point, pretty set on adding Hawaii 5-0 to my TiVo.  In fact, by the end of tonight’s show, I convinced myself that I will finally be more than content with Alex O’Loughlin and his acting abilities after I get a glimpse of him on the series.  As for Erin, she successfully backtracked on her pronouncement in May that No Ordinary Family wasn’t going to be good and is all ready to sit down on Tuesday nights and check it out.

If you want to hear more, just click the play button below.

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