Monday , May 27 2024
This week we talk cable, satellite, and whatever FiOS might be.

Screen Time – 7/27/10

On this week’s episode of Screen Time, Erin Medley and I answered last week’s all important question about whether or not Psych eliminated their Psych-outs from this season’s agenda.  I’d tell you whether they did or not right here, but then you might not bother to listen to the show, and we can’t have that.

Now, as if that wasn’t enticement enough for clicking the little play button below, I am happy to report that we talked about other things as well.  The first thing on the agenda this go round wasn’t quite our usual fare – we talked about the various options one has in terms of delivering channels to your home, e.g., cable and satellite.  Are there really options or only the illusion of options?  Would à la carte programming work better than packages?  What would happen with new channels if à la carte programming was offered?  We don’t pretend as though we fully answered any of those questions, but they are things we think about on a regular basis and perhaps things we all should consider more.

Finally, as if you needed me to tell you, Erin Medley pontificated on the issues with the season’s Big Brother.  She is not enthused with the goings on and when she is not enthused she is not afraid to say so.  Just click the pretty little triangle button below to hear her thoughts.

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