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Screen Time – 7/20/10

In our first episode of Screen Time done entirely from the East Coast, Erin Medley and I had the opportunity to catch up on what has been taking place in the world of television over the past couple of weeks. Although not entirely, that mainly involved cable.

Erin, it seems, has become a fan of Rookie Blue (yes, that’s a network show), and is utterly ecstatic over the return of Big Brother. If you choose to click the button below to listen to the show (and why wouldn’t you) you can hear her wax eloquent about just how excited she is and just what she thinks about this year’s “twist.”

As for myself, oddly, I picked on James Roday a little for appearing to have gained a some weight during Psych‘s off season and found myself unsure about Maggie Lawson’s slightly darkened hair color. Normally I don’t notice such things, but for whatever reason they struck me.

Screen Time is also trying desperately to find out if this season of the USA series will be psych out free. Both Erin and I watched a reair of the premiere and the reair didn’t contain the series’ famed finales. Please Psych, tell us you’re not done with the psych outs – we don’t need them to be sponsored, but we do need them to exist.

Click below and hear all about that and more.


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