Wednesday , October 20 2021

Saudis Make French Look Like British

The U.S. absolutely cannot countenance the perfidy of the oil ticks another moment. They are heinous despicable scum:

    The Monday bombings in Riyadh are only the latest evidence that the Saudi government cannot and will not suppress extremism. The wake-up calls keep coming, but the U.S. refuses to recognize the kingdom’s involvement with terrorism.

    In the weeks leading up to the bombing, it is now reported that the U.S. requested additional security at American compounds based on intercepted communications. It was a familiar pattern, and one that a nation now experienced in terror-talk and embassy bombings knew to take seriously. But the Saudis didn’t come through — the compound was left vulnerable, even on the eve of a visit to the country by Colin Powell. [WSJ – subscription required]

The NY Times agrees:

    In the month before Monday’s bombings in Riyadh, the United States asked Saudi Arabia on at least five separate occasions to deploy armed uniformed government guards around all Western targets of a possible terrorist attack, Bush administration officials said today.

    Among those requests, the officials said, was one by Stephen J. Hadley, the deputy national security adviser who was diverted to Saudi Arabia during a trip to Moscow and Israel and was instructed by the White House to meet directly with Crown Prince Abdullah, the kingdom’s day-to-day leader.

    “We needed to underscore the seriousness of the message that they had to wake up,” said one senior official. Yet neither that request, delivered on Saturday, May 3, nor any other was fully heeded by the Riyadh government, the officials said. The Saudi authorities did nothing to augment security at any of the sites, including the three housing compounds struck on Monday night, the administration officials said.

    The Saudi ambassador to the United States said today that his government “did what was needed” in response to American requests.

Obviously not, mealy-mouthed asshole, there are over 30 people dead, including seven Americans.

Back to Stephen Schwartz in the WSJ:

    Why are we tiptoeing around reality and expressing pious hopes that removal of our troops from Saudi territory will alleviate the situation?

    Why should we wish to return to a role as happy courtesans of the most reactionary, benighted, oppressive monarchy in modern history?

    Saudi rulers have always depended on foreign troops — the Christian bayonets of the U.S., Britain and France — to keep them in power. And they have always fostered the extremist Wahhabi ideology that calls for our heads. They use Wahhabi terrorism as a weapon to pressure us into supporting them. The time has come for the duplicity to end. President Bush and Secretary Powell must issue non-negotiable demands that the Saudi authorities finally — a year-and-a-half late — provide us with a full accounting of their subjects’ involvement in the Sept. 11 attacks. As Ronald Reagan demanded that the Soviet Union cease its funding of leftist terrorism, our leaders must demand that Saudi Arabia stop funding the global expansion of Wahhabism. Nothing less is acceptable.

I am deeply pleased we are pulling our troops out of that fetid cesspool of treacherous vipers and twisted Islamists – I only hope we don’t have to send them back in as liberators.

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