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How did a Salma Hayek TV appearance go unnoticed?

Salma Hayek Sneaks Her Way Into My Viewing Schedule

Regular readers will know that I truly enjoying watching Salma Hayek on screen.  Some would call it a fascination, some would call it an obsession, a judge might order me to stay back 100 yards.  Whatever the case, I tend to go out of my way to watch her in movies or on television.  It almost broke my heart that Bandidas didn't get a big theatrical release in the U.S., after all, Salma Hayek and Penelope Cruz in the same movie, I think that guarantees a 10 million dollar opening weekend (not counting the tickets sold to people who aren't me).

So, imagine my shock when I turned on 30 Rock last night, I show I already watch on a weekly basis, and saw this woman who looked incredibly like Salma Hayek.  I hadn't heard that Salma (I'm on a first name basis with her) was going to be on the show this week, just that NBC was airing new a new "Comedy night done right," which was, of course, something of a lie because The Office was a repeat.  I diligently looked up the episode description on my TiVo and didn't see Salma's name, but I didn't see Peter Dinklage's either and Liz was definitely macking on Peter Dinklage. 

I kept watching the show, and every time the character of "Elisa" appeared, I thought to myself – "that's Salma, I know Salma, and that's Salma.  Salma, Salma, Salma.  I wonder why I didn't know that Salma would be here.  Salma, Salma, Salma."  I semi-regularly think "Salma, Salma, Salma" anyway, but the rest of the thought process was certainly valid, and definitely concerned me.

How did this slip by?  How did it go unnoticed by me that Salma would be present?  I don't watch Ugly Betty during the regular season (I catch up when the DVDs are released), but I was fully aware of every single episode of that series that Salma Hayek was on.  So, I find it unfathomable that I missed this, but apparently, I did.

I would certainly like to think that the blame lies with NBC, that they simply snuck her by me by poorly advertising her appearance, but I can't be sure that's the case.  I haven't been watching the network as much as I used to what with Chuck and Heroes gone for a few more weeks and My Own Worst Enemy canceled, but I Certainly watched Knight Rider and Law & Order this week.  I would have thought that I would have seen a Salma promo there.  I didn't even TiVo Knight Rider, I sat there watching every last commercial, so I couldn't have simply fast-forwarded through a Salma promo.

NBC has to have promoed her appearance, they simply have to have.  I fully believe that the blame for not knowing about this guest starring role lies squarely with me.  I am chagrined.  I am embarrassed.  I owe myself better than that.  And better I will do, I've already informed myself that Salma will be appearing on next week's 30 Rock too.  My TiVo is ready and waiting.

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