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Saddam’s Got Nothing On This Freak

North Korea’s Kim Jong Il is every bit the deranged anacronistic puffed-up potentate that Saddam is, and he has nukes:

    Since Kim is an absolute ruler, he can put on any show and act in any role he wants. A well-rounded 5 feet 3, he cuts a slightly ridiculous figure dressed in a Mao suit, wearing high-heeled shoes and sporting a pouffy bouffant hairdo. But to his subordinates, he is simply “Great General.”

    It is all a grotesque charade. His fantasyland is a charnel house. While he lives like a brandy-swilling 18th-century French nobleman, more than 2 million people have died of starvation in North Korea over the last decade. Political prisoners are beaten or left to die in Soviet-style gulags. Kim himself is the last Stalinist, a weird, vicious remnant of communist oppression that has collapsed everywhere else on the planet. Kim Jong Il’s North Korean horror movie would all be a remote tragedy to the out-side world, except that Kim’s props now include weapons of mass destruction – chemical and biological and, soon if not already, nuclear weapons. Kim is threatening to use them against his neighbors and the United States, or to sell them to terrorists who would love nothing better than to contaminate or incinerate Times Square or the White House.

    ….Kim claims he is so busy working for his people that he hardly sleeps, but his most prominent pastime is the pursuit of pleasure. The Great Leader’s decadence was recently on vivid display for a Russian emissary, Konstantin Pulikovsky. In the summer of 2001, Pulikovsky spent 24 days traveling across Russia on a train with the North Korean leader, who is afraid to fly. (The special armored train had been a gift from Stalin to Kim’s father, who was installed by Moscow as a Soviet puppet in 1945.) The younger Kim brought along a pair of bulletproof Mercedeses loaded onto a boxcar. Pulikovsky and Kim whiled away the hours talking about the high percentage of beautiful Russian girls in Paris nightclubs, a subject Kim somehow seemed to know a great deal about. Female employees on Kim’s train were so beautiful and sang with such “gorgeous voices” that Pulikovsky believed them to be professional actresses along for the ride. [Newsweek]

This pathetic little man would be laughable if not for the starvation and brutal subjugation of his people, and the fact that he holds the rest of the world hostage right now. This approach makes a lot of sense, especially the part about the spear.

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