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Ryan has reason to smile and so do his players, at least for now.

Ryan’s Hope: Jets Season Alive After 35-9 Win Over Colts

The NY Jets (3-3) beat the Indianapolis Colts (2-3) in a 35-9 romp at MetLife Stadium, a victory which surely helps head coach Rex Ryan take a deep breath, at least for the time being. It also showed that the Jets have a running game (or at least that Shonn Greene (161 years, 3 TDs) does, and Mark Sanchez may have saved his job going 11-18 but for a measly 82 yards, though with two TDs.

For the Jets the story was teamwork, and even back-up QB Tim Tebow got in on the act in a very slick play. Acting as punt protector, Tebow grabbed the snap and made a pass to LB Nick Bellore for 23 yards. The home crowd went crazy with this play, and if nothing else this shows how Ryan is thinking creatively about using Tebow.

With Darrelle Revis out for the season, all eyes have turned to Antonio Cromartie to be the CB that the team needs, and today it seemed like he could rise to that challenge. If Cromartie can be that player, and the rest of the defense gets back to Ryan’s methodology, it could move improve the team’s chances considerably.

This game gave Ryan hope, but reality also rears its ugly head in the form of next week’s opponent: the New England Patriots. This week the Jets got a lucky break with the Colts, but they are going to have a tough assignment on their hands coming up.

If the Jets can somehow pull off a victory next week, then who knows where this season could go. Without Santonio Holmes and Revis, we haven’t had much going for us lately, but today there is hope. Ryan has reason to smile and so do his players, at least for now.

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