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Rick Not Sly? Perhaps I Was Hasty

If so, I’m happy to admit it. We reported last week that Rick James was under investigation for sexual assault. He vehemently claims his innocence and insists he is on the straight and narrow:

    Police confirmed last week that they were investigating James after the unidentified woman lodged a complaint against him. No charges have been filed, however.

    “Once the smoke has cleared the air, everyone will find out that these are just false allegations,” James said. “I feel good, I’m working on albums. I’m trying to be a father to my son and leave all the drugs alone, which if you want to put that into play, I don’t do them.”

    During the press conference, the 54-year-old singer proclaimed his innocence and lashed out at his accuser, labeling her a liar out to make a fortune off his fame by implicating him in a crime he didn’t commit.

    “I just feel sometimes that I’m in a fishbowl,” James, told reporters outside his lawyer’s offices. “Sometimes the wrong people enter into your space, and they’re money-hungry and greedy.”

    James went public just four days after police raided his Woodland Hills, California, home (which he shares with his wife and young son), searching for evidence of the alleged incident.

    No word on what, if anything, was found, but the entertainer’s attorney, Steffeny Holtz, said the allegations were “totally baseless” and “driven by greed.”

    The lawyer noted that no charges have been filed and added that James’ unsavory criminal past made him the perfect target for such accusations.

    “[James] is a very well-known entertainer, and he is a very generous person,” said Holtz. “We’re always suspicious of the financial motives of people that really have very little and come around to him and try to get things from him. So that’s the most likely motivation.”

    ….he suffered a stroke in 1998 and was sidelined while undergoing physical rehabilitation.

    James has since performed sporadically, including some gigs this year and a tour set for 2003. According to his Website,, he spent nearly four weeks in the hospital suffering heart problems that required the implantation of a pacemaker. Since then he says he’s given up cigarettes and alcohol and remains drug-free.

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