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At this fine restaurant you can mix and match French, Japanese and Chinese dishes, or stick with one cuisine, while enjoying a superb view.

Restaurant Review (Singapore): ME@OUE

Panoramic view from ME@OUE

ME@OUE is an exciting new restaurant in Singapore that showcases cuisine from three award-winning chefs all under one roof: Chef Laurent Peugeot, Chef Masayasu Yonemura and Chef Justin Hor Chee Keong. The fine dining restaurant combines cuisines from France, Japan and China in three separate menus. The customer is free to mix and match items across all menus, or to stick to one choice of cuisine. Hence if you have a party of very fussy eaters, ME@OUE would be an attractive place to dine.

Inside ME@OUE

We started out with squid ink and French bread rolls and an amuse bouche of jellyfish from the Chinese kitchen. The bread rolls were buttery, warm and tasty while the jellyfish was tenderly marinated and juicy. It was the perfect way to start our meal.

Next came the sushi platter entree from the Japanese menu. It encompassed eight pieces of sushi, each piece made up of rice rolls with eel, roe and various types of fish. The sushi was fresh and luscious and, albeit a bit pricey, very well received by our palates.

Baked Cod in Orange

We next had an entree from the Chinese menu, the popular Baked Cod in Whole Orange. One can easily see why people rave about this dish, with the sweet honey marinade of the cod balancing out the tangy sourness of the orange and pomelo.



Sabah Lobster

For our Chinese mains, we had the pan seared abalone and the sabah lobster. The abalone had a wonderful chili flavour and although it was slightly on the chewy side, it was flavourful. The sabah lobster was a true delight. We chose for the lobster to be deep fried in salted egg yolk instead of poached in stock. The salted egg gives the lobster a creamy saltish finish that was just lovely for my taste. For those who yearn for more salt in their diet, the dish comes with salted floss, and for those like myself who aren’t used to a lot of salt, just remove the floss and you’ll be fine.

Next came our main from the French kitchen, the rack of lamb. The lamb was tender and delectable, done just right so that the meat was bursting with juices. This dish was simply divine and flavoursome.

Wagyu Beef

For our final course, we had a main from the Japanese menu, charcoal grilled A5 saga wagyu tenderloin. The wagyu beef with its fatty bits exploded in our mouths with savory goodness. This meat didn’t need any of the accompanying condiments. The dish is exquisite.

Japanese Slipper

To accompany our meal, we had some cocktails like the Midori-based Japanese Slipper and the sake-based Geisha Wannabe. Both were sweet and quenching, and a good way to slip into a meal here. The wines we sampled included Pinot Gris from Roaring Meg, Semillion from Noble One and a Summer Rose 2012 Rosee. The Noble One Semillion especially was sublime and smooth.

Kalingo 65 Moelleux

To end our meal, we had the Kalingo 65 Moelleux for dessert, which is a caramelized chocolate ganache served with Sichuan pepper ice cream. The pepper is easily detectable in the ice cream and goes well with the chocolate, balancing out the sweetness nicely.

The food here is absolutely delicious, and all the dishes we sampled were of the highest quality, with a lot of attention given to presentation. Even the garnishes were made with great attention to detail and quality. For example, the tiny tomatoes that perched on our sabah lobster plate were infused in plum juice and sweet-sour in taste. It was these little additions that kept reminding us that the chefs here certainly are passionate about presenting the best in their dishes.

Night Skyline

In addition, ME@OUE sits overlooking the cityscape, and at night the skyline looks beautiful over the panoramic view of the glistening waters of Marina Bay. This spectacular view adds charm and excitement and even romance to an absolutely heavenly meal at ME@OUE.

Night Panorama

ME@OUE, 50 Collyer Quay, Level 19, OUE Bayfront, +65 6634 4555[email protected]

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