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In conference with the captain, residents set the ship's travel plans for the year. On board there's a grocery store, private chefs for hire, a spa, a gym, a jogging track, swimming pools, and golf.

Residential Yachts: A Second Home on a Cruise Ship

cruiseship-squareCruise ships have long been known as one of the best places to make large purchases. All acquisitions made on cruise ships are tax- and duty-free, making it one of the best ways to save money on large finds. Cruise ship dwellers can browse through priceless jewelry, not to mention incredible artwork brought aboard by reputable art galleries. Many have flocked to these ships almost exclusively for the shopping.

Now, thanks to The World cruise ship, travelers can now purchase a second home. But not just any second home. This one is more of a condo that floats and allows the owner to travel the world without leaving the luxury of home behind. That’s right: it’s an apartment on a cruise ship.

The World: A Residential Yacht

This luxury ocean liner likes to call itself a “residential yacht,” one of the world’s most famous ocean homes. It’s also the oldest, having hit the sea in 2002, and the only active cruise ship of its kind. It offers 165 apartments, the largest a six-bedroom penthouse suite, the smallest a studio apartment that looks a little more like a large hotel room. Prices for the most expensive units go as high as $13 million.

Competition at Sea

Soon this may not be the only residential yacht of its kind, as more big spenders are looking to find permanent homes on the sea. By 2017, there will be more cruise ships from the makers of The World, namely The Utopia and The Marquette, which will each offer 200 units for purchase at anywhere from $300,000 to $1.2 million.

The World and its sisters will soon have even more competition as Crystal Cruises tries to inch its way into the market. Crystal is working on building three new cruise ships, which will each offer 48 private residences, the largest of which at 4,000 square feet will rival even the most renowned five-star hotels. These multi-million-dollar sea homes have an undetermined finish date as of now.

Choose Your Own Destinations

One of the most unique elements of this sea home package is the ability to choose the destinations, with all travel expenses included in the cost of the home. Residents meet with the captain to collectively decide the travel itinerary for the year. The World has plans to stop at more than a hundred ports in 30 different countries this year, including expeditions to Namibia, Antarctica, and the Panama Canal.

The World is a playground for these condo owners, who can experience anything: kayaking among icebergs, visiting native tribes in South America, tracking polar bears across the Arctic, scuba diving in the Pacific, etc.

Every Need Is Taken Care Of

The residents need not worry about a thing in their new homes. Amenities include a grocery store, spacious living and dining areas, en-suites in every bedroom, private chefs for hire, a spa, a gym, a jogging track, two swimming pools, and golf facilities. Those who don’t feel like cooking their own meals can visit the high-class restaurants and bars that feature Iron Chef-quality cooking.

Entertainment is also available. Besides golf, there are movie theaters, art galleries, libraries, shows, lectures, plays, crafts, dances – a nightly stream of activities, not to mention classes on cooking and the arts.

With all the luxuries of a five-star hotel, and the world at your feet, the housing market doesn’t get any finer than it does at sea.


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