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Legendary Punk Tesco Vee is immortalized with a limited edition 1,000 piece "Throbblehead" doll.

Product Review: Tesco Vee “Throbblehead” by Aggronautix

Proudly Politically Incorrect punk rocker Tesco Vee has been immortalized with his own “Throbblehead” doll, by the Aggronautix company, and it is a cause for celebration. Tesco Vee’s doll is a companion piece to the company’s G.G. Allin figure. While Allin’s bobblehead was a limited edition of 2,000, Vee’s is limited to 1,000. A rare item indeed.

For those to whom Tesco Vee is not a household name, he is the leader of a legendary punk band, The Meatmen. Their 1983 debut album features one of the best titles I have ever heard of: We’re The Meatmen…And You Suck.

To get an idea of where the band were coming from, the songs include “One Down, Three To Go” (about The Beatles) and “Glad I’m Not A Girl” (about menstruation) as an indication. Vee also founded the seminal punk label, Touch And Go.

The Tesco Vee Throbblehead is a well constructed seven inch doll with details any fan will appreciate. He is dressed in one of his trademark Elvis style suits, with the band ABBA’s name printed in gold on the pants, and also adorning the front of his shoes.

As is generally the case onstage, Tesco is flipping off the world with one hand, and grabbing himself with the other.

Like the G.G. Allin figure, the presentation of this Tesco Vee Throbblehead is first rate. The doll comes in a very nice package, encased in a clear molded plastic clamshell, housed inside a three windowed box. Relevant Vee details are printed on the box.

When one considers the outrageous career of Tesco Vee and his band, The Meatmen over the years, it is hard to believe what he was doing before music. He was an elementary school teacher.

Imagine explaining to the principal the origins of the Gonzo Hate Vibe song “Jeff Boy R Dee,” which is about Jeffrey Dahmer‘s kitchen technique. Or showing the school board some of your tour merchandise that year: A Jeffrey Dahmer cooking apron.

The Meatmen are still going strong all these years later, having just released an album of cover songs titled Cover The World. But to show your true affinity for the “Dutch Hercules,” the Tesco Vee Throbblehead cannot be beat.

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