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The Solo Everyday Max Backpack lets users get a solid handle on their various needs with flexible yet durable options.

Product Review: Solo Everyday Max Backpack

The Solo Everyday Max (hybrid) backpack lives up to the name with multiple ways to carry and contain items securely so they won’t get misplaced. The high quality materials hold up to rough wear. It’s takes a workout in stride among different settings and temperatures. This backpack has versatile uses for students, outdoor adventurers, gamers, professionals, travelers, bikers, hikers, dancers, convention/trade show attendees, and many others.

Users can fit a 17.3″ laptop with an interior pocket for iPad® or tablet. This backpack measures 21″ x 13″ x 8″ and can fit under a plane set really well. This backpack is also great for overnight trips and can work like a duff, but not meant as a gym bag even though you can easily fit shows in it.

It’s easy to get a grip on this backpack using the multiple handles, which are very convenient and comfortable. This 2.4 pound backpack has a solid design and color scheme where the padded handles/straps are bright gold. The back of it has an excellent, comfortable section that makes best friends with a person’s back. It’s a breathable black mesh that’s also padded like the handles/straps.

Each compartment in the Solo Everyday Max backpack ensures nothing is misplaced (unless it’s user error) plus objects do not stick or get damaged on the durable materials. Even the inside see-through pockets have enough strength for almost any item.

The symmetrical side-pockets and top-center zipper sections are great for long items. The two main sections are the larger front section (e.g. room for footwear up to about a size 10) with a convenient front vertical zipper for easy access and the extra padded back section for laptops that includes a tablet pocket (approximately 10-inch maximum).

The front convenience pocket is large enough for important items like books, passes, tickets, passports, keys, wallets, or smartphones. The addition of durable loops for locking design element here regarding security. When fully packed this pocket is less easy to open, which is good for security, but when there is more room.

The gray bottom compartment has a reinforced construction and extends after unzipping, which works the best for clothes (laundry) and other less rigid items. Other bottom bonuses include an outside elastic loop to carry items (e.g. umbrella) horizontally. Extra pockets/slots for accessibility (e.g. pens/pencils) would have been great, but can easily go in the front “important item” pocket.

The small elements make a big difference in design and they are not overlooked in this backpack. The strong zippers work well especially with the small but mighty cords at the zippers’ ends for easier grip.

The handles halfway down either side can help you scoot the backpack over or handle in the “duff” orientation. User wanting an exclusive duff might not like the non-removable shoulder straps flopping around.

The portion of the bag that rests against your back is fitted with a firm, comfortable and breathable material that delivers some great support. The same padding is featured in the straps.

Shoulder straps are well padded for a comfortable fit plus users can connect an extra horizontal strap across the chest/mid-section ideal for any height. Great ergonomics and comfortable design considers users with back issues and other physical challenges, which is a welcome consideration.

The top handle is very convenient and the horizontal chest/mid-section strap also works as a trolley strap used to fit the bag over carts, extendable luggage handles, etc.

The Solo Everyday Max Backpack works for the professional or play life with great “holding” power, convenient compartments and appealing accessibility. More color selection offerings would be great, but can always customize the zippers with colored tape or in other ways.

Smaller than most duffs while larger than most backpacks, this hybrid backpack/duff expands multi-use/function to a new level. It’s durable yet flexible…now the price. Highly recommended and the suggested retail price ($79.99; often seen lower) offers quality affordability to a wider user base.

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