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Aggronautix have just issued their second Throbblehead of Milo.

Product Review: Milo of The Descendents “Throbblehead” by Aggronautix

Since their formation in 2009, the Aggronautix company have specialized in some very cool accessories for music fans with their line of Throbbleheads. These are bobblehead dolls, commemorating some of punk rock’s greatest heroes. Their first was the late GG Allin, and it proved to be a big hit, selling out its run of 2000 very quickly. The company never looked back, and since then have released quite a few more Throbbleheads, including ones of Wendy O. Williams, Jello Biafra, “Handsome” Dick Manitoba, and many others. The company’s next most successful doll was that of Milo of the Descendents, which was another instant hit. It did so well in fact, that they have just issued Milo V2, in a limited edition of 2,000.

This second edition of Milo resembles the first one in many ways, although there are some differences. The new Milo doll stands seven inches tall, is made of a lightweight polyresin. The details are great, Milo is wearing his trademark bookworm glasses, and is sporting the classic Milo Goes To College T-shirt. The box art by Marco Palumbo is impressive as well, and is featured on all four sides of the box.

I imagine these Throbbleheads are quite collectible in certain circles, as limited edition items generally are. In the case of the first Milo Throbblehead, it was only released as a 1,000 unit run. As Milo himself states on the Aggronautix website, “You can blame me for the V1 selling out,” he says. “I told Aggronautix to only make 1,000, and that they’d be lucky to unload a few hundred.”

Milo V2 is actually the fourteenth Throbblehead the company have issued, and they have most definitely carved out an interesting niche in the rock memorabilia market. While there is no shortage of swag devoted to classic rock acts, there is still very little out there for us old punks. Aggronautix is changing that with these Throbbleheads, and they do a great job. I have seen Throbbleheads in local record stores, but they are few and far between. A good bet is the Aggronautix site itself, where they also offer up some cool comic books, CDs, DVDs, and even vinyl. Well worth checking out, and if you missed the first Milo, here is your second chance.

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