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An average week on the PSN. Where are the games Sony?

PlayStation Network Update: 06/26/2008

Well, I suppose every week can't be a blockbuster. I am still peeved at the drought of PS1 classics considering the announcement that Einhander and XenoGears will be on the Japanese PSN. If they ever release Vagrant Story I may have to move to Japan…or something.

Well it isn't a completely horrible week. I am loving this trend of FREE game themed music for Guitar Hero III; we have a World of Warcraft song if you can believe it this week. The requisite late Rock Band content is here with the Pixies album and three Weezer tracks.

Take the good with the bad and yet another character you have to pay for is released for PAIN, but the second content update should be online as well. To balance that out the North American Hot Shots Golf: Out of Bounds demo finally makes an appearance, and we also see a demo drop for Top Spin 3.

As usual we have a literal boatload of game videos focusing on Battlefield: Bad Company, Brothers in Arms: Hells Highway, Call of Duty: World at War, The Incredible Hulk and HAZE. We also have movie trailers for The House Bunny, So I Married An Axe Murderer Blu-Ray and Men In Black Blu-Ray.

Finally we have a theme for PAIN featuring Nigel and a PSN theme. Not a horrible week, but definitely nothing compared to the last few weeks. Sony, we want to buy stuff aside from songs and you give us no options. Hook us up already! Deets on the update are below!

Add-on Game Content

PAIN Nigel Character ($0.99)
Meet the newest downloadable character Nigel, a British punk so full of rage that the only thing he doesn’t hate is PAIN, and he hates the fact that he doesn’t hate it. He’s brassed off and ready to bang his head into whatever and whoever gets in his way (watch out for those spikes!). Well, it sounds like he’s asking for for it, so give him a launch…and make it a PAINful one.
File size: 6.74 MB

Guitar Hero III: Legends of Rock “I am Murloc” World of Warcraft Single (free)
“I Am Murloc” by Level 70 Elite Tauren Chieftain. For all song credits please visit
File size: 13.2 MB

Rock Band

Build your Rock Band library by purchasing these song game tracks. For song credits, visit

* “Crackity Jones” – the Pixies ($1.99)
* “Dead” – the Pixies ($1.99)
* “Debaser” – the Pixies ($1.99)
* “Gouge Away” – the Pixies ($1.99)
* “Here Comes Your Man” – the Pixies ($1.99)
* “Hey” – the Pixies ($1.99)
* “I Bleed” – the Pixies ($1.99)
* “La La Love You” – the Pixies ($1.99)
* “Monkey Gone to Heaven” – the Pixies ($1.99)
* “Mr. Grieves” – the Pixies ($1.99)
* “No. 13 Baby” – the Pixies ($1.99)
* “Silver” – the Pixies ($1.99)
* “Tame” – the Pixies ($1.99)
* “There Goes my Gun” – the Pixies ($1.99)
* Doolittle album ($18.99) – This album includes “Crackity Jones,” “Dead,” “Debaser,” “Gouge Away,” “Here Comes Your Man,” “Hey,” “I Bleed,” “La La Love You,” “Monkey Gone to Heaven,” “Mr. Grieves,” “No 13 Baby,” “Silver,” “Tame,” and “There Goes My Gun” by the Pixies.
* “Dreamin’” – Weezer ($1.99)
* “The Greatest Man That Ever Lived” – Weezer ($1.99)
* “Troublemaker” – Weezer ($1.99)
* Weezer Pack 1 ($5.49) – includes “Dreamin’,” “The Greatest Man That Ever Lived,” and “Troublemaker” by Weezer.
File sizes: 10.4 MB – 42.4 MB (singles), 99.2 – 278 MB (track packs)

Game Demos (free)

Hot Shots Golf: Out of Bounds Demo
Slip on the golf shoes, step out on the course and tee it up on the PlayStation 3 with Hot Shots Golf Out Of Bounds.
ESRB Rated E
File size: 505 MB

Grab your raquet and prepare to be totally immersed in every game, set and match in the most realistic and exciting tennis experience ever!
ESRB Rated E
File size: 441 MB

Game Videos (free)

Battlefield: Bad Company Accolades TV Spot
Watch the uncut TV spot now!
File size: 45 MB (HD)

Battlefield: Bad Company Preston’s Blog
Preston Marlowe has just been given a transfer to B-Company and he wants to tell his family all about it.
File size: 97 MB (HD)

Brothers in Arms: Hells Highway – Ubidays Trailer
How much more can one man take? Check out the new trailer shown at Ubidays to find out.
File size: 23 MB (SD), 85 MB (HD), 113 MB (1080)

Call of Duty: World at War
The next Call of Duty revealed! Call of Duty: World at War re-defines the WWII experience, pitting players against enemies in the Pacific and European theaters who know no surrender and will unleash surprising new tactics in a fight to the death.
File size: 64 MB (HD)

The Incredible Hulk Trailer
Watch the Incredible Hulk take on foes in New York City.
File size: 54 MB (HD)

HAZE Launch Trailer
Set in the year 2048, Mantel Global Industries offers an array of cutting-edge military equipment, including a high-tech arsenal of vehicles, deadly weaponry, and the performance-enhancing drug Nectar. Fight a vicious rebel faction, the Promise Hand. Uncover the truth, switch sides, and break away from Mantel’s manipulative grip when you join your former enemies, the Promise Hand.
File size: 300 MB (HD)

HAZE Song Trailer
Download the recent video clip of Korn performing their latest track HAZE, inspired by Ubisoft’s upcoming video game of the same name.
File size: 89 MB (SD), 131 MB (HD), 172 MB (1080)

Movie and Blu-ray Trailers (free)

The House Bunny trailer

In Columbia Pictures’ comedy The House Bunny, Anna Faris charms as Shelley Darlington, a Playboy Bunny who teaches an awkward sorority about the opposite sex – only to learn that what boys really like is what’s on the inside.
File size: 29.1 MB (SD), 110 MB (HD), 147 MB (1080)

So I Married An Axe Murderer Blu-ray Disc trailer
Offbeat, hatchet-driven romance about a wedlock-shy coffee house poet (Mike Myers) whose perfect woman (Nancy Travis) just might be a serial killer.
File size: 110 MB (HD), 158 MB (1080)

Men In Black Blu-ray Disc trailer
A sci-fi adventure comedy about two top secret agents (Tommy Lee Jones and Will Smith) with the everyday mission of policing alien activities on planet Earth.
File size: 43 MB (HD), 60 MB (1080)

PS3 Themes (free)

PAIN: Nigel Theme

Customize your PS3 system with a cool PAIN: Nigel theme. This theme allows you to change up the look of your background and XMB icons. Download today!
File size: 2.24 MB

Customize your PS3 system with a cool PLAYSTATION Network theme. This theme allows you to change up the look of your background and XMB icons. Download today!
File size: 1.95 MB

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