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There's nothing like a tricked-out truck.

Pimp My Pickup Truck

Central California, where I reside, is about as close as one can get to truck heaven here on Earth. All the major brands are evident, although I’d have to say that, based on my ad hoc survey, Chevy leads the way. But no matter what the brand, no one, not even the accountant down the street, drives a stock truck. Central Californians (and people in most other states, I’m sure) personalize their trucks with accessories.

Trimming is everything when it comes to a person’s truck.

Trimmings or truck accessories provide their owners with a number of advantages: maximize the vehicle’s efficiency, enhance the truck’s looks, increase performance, and, it goes without saying, endow the driver with that indefinable quality known as “cool.”

So if you’re looking to pimp out your truck, here are some items for your consideration. The most popular accessories coming into 2013 are as follows:

Tonneau Covers: Tonneau covers provide an attractive and easy way to store and secure your cargo. A variety of styles are available, including hard and soft tops. Not only are tonneau covers convenient, they spiff up the line and look of your vehicle. And if you load your truck higher than the rim, you might want to think about a cargo net, too. Most cargo nets are adjustable, and their swivel hooks allow for easy-on and easy-off.

Bed Liners: Ford, Ram, Suzuki, and Nissan had the foresight to see this trend coming and made bed liners available as an option. Bed liners do exactly what the term describes: they line the length of the bed, which is ideal if you’re hauling lumber or other heavy items. The liner protects the bed of the truck from scrapes, dents, and gouges, thus helping the vehicle retain its resale value.

Truck Steps: There are two ways to discover truck steps, either in a “eureka moment” or a “duh moment.” Door steps and even tailgate steps are available for most makes and models. They fold out so the driver can gain easy access to the cab or the bed, getting rid of those awkward moments where you feel like a beached whale. With the help of a truck step, it’s simply a matter of stepping up. And they stow away when you’re not using them.

Power Programmers:  A power programmer provides an easy and affordable way to streamline your engine’s performance. Put simply, a power performer can add horsepower to your truck. But it also allows owners to tailor their trucks’ performance to their needs. And most power performers maximize fuel efficiency, so the power boost doesn’t end up draining your wallet dry.

Pimping your truck has never been easier. There’s a smorgasbord of accessories from which to choose. Myriad online stores make and quickly ship truck accessories of all types. Click here to browse some new and emerging trends.

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