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Mounds of information in this first person perspective game, full of cognitive challenges and tough progression accomplished with minimal guidance.

PC Game Review: Outcry

In this PC exclusive game, players pick up the scientific trail of a sibling’s mysterious machine which can separate one’s consciousness from the body…pretty deep. This point-and-click adventure delves into several scientific fields as players retrace experiment logs and other documents, plus interact with other characters and several items. The amount of information is astounding, but the unique thing about this first person perspective game is cognitive challenges and tough progression accomplished with minimal guidance.

The strong, emotional music score and nostalgic visuals create a nice mood for patient players willing to experience some trial and error and countless details along the way. Players navigate through eerie and breathtaking environments created in rich detail bathed in sepia and black-and-white colors. Brightness and the navigation, complete with a three-step close-up camera effect, don’t hinder progress, but the trick is to make the right decisions initially to avoid spending too much time in one area/task.

Players might need all six save slots in this uniquely open game. Hunting and interacting with the visuals can be challenging as players grab every item possible for unique interactions and puzzle solving. After achieving goals, players continue through the medium length gameplay, which does not have much replay value due to the linear story. The limited guidance (no directs hints, just sifting through mounds of information) almost requires walkthrough use for most people.

Pick up items like keys (use them after accessing in the bottom left icon) and documents in the upper left after maneuvering through the environments, achieved through clicking the arrow icons at the four screen edges. Players can disable cut scenes and some camera movements, which reduces the game’s more enhanced element, but can benefit those already spinning in their heads from all the terms and theories.

This trippy point-and-click adventure where you investigate your brother’s “paramount experiment that unlocks new horizons of human cognition” has great moments thanks to great sound, but might be overwhelming mentally for some folks (keep that dictionary nearby if you need to look up dolmen). Rewards, like time travel and safecracking, come from close observations, in-depth reading and extensive object examinations. Roll over identification text on each object would be extremely helpful to players. It's frustrating for players trying to find substance and no-nonsense clues instead of plodding through numerous theories and technologies, but great for players interested in those intellectual, educational subjects and historical figures like Pluto, Freud and Jung. A unique game definitely worth a try thanks to great graphics/sound and an affordable price ($19.99 MSRP at most stores).

Outcry is rated E10+ (Everyone 10 and older) by the ESRB for mild language and mild violence.

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