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An interactive meeting with Naughty Designers as they tackle a new challenge in Uncharted 2.

PAX East 2010: Naughty Dog LIVE – Game Design with the Dogs Liveblog

[NOTE: Due to limitations on the size of the event, a liveblog for the Naughty Dog panel is not possible. However, there will be an interview up later this evening with the Naughty Dog team. We apologize for any inconvenience this may have caused.]

PAX East is a three-day game festival for tabletop, videogame, and PC gamers. We call it a festival because in addition to dedicated tournaments and freeplay areas, we’ve got nerdcore concerts, panel discussions, and an exhibitor hall filled with booths displaying the latest from top game publishers and developers. Even with all this amazing content, the best part of PAX East is hanging out with other people who know their stuff when it comes to games.

This panel will let you take a peek into how games get made at Naughty Dog. Three Naughty Dog game designers host a game design meeting right in the middle of PAX East to tackle the challenge of developing a new gameplay sequence in the Uncharted universe, and to make it work for both a single-player campaign and multiplayer modes.

They will take us through the same highly collaborative, iterative, no-holds-barred design process that went into Uncharted 2 – hear them laugh at their own ridiculous design suggestions; check out their terrible drawing skills; witness them engage in, er, “friendly” debate as they overcome challenges! They will also take this time to pull back the curtain on what it was like to design gameplay for Uncharted 2 and answer questions until they run out of time.

This Liveblog will follow the panel hosted by Richard Lemarchand, Jacob Minkoff, Justin Richmond, and Arne Meyer [Senior Community Manager]. The Liveblog will begin at 4 PM EST on Saturday March 27th.

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