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Party Game Review: ‘Game Night in a Can’ from Barry & Jason

Game Night in a Can from Barry & Jason Games is a turn to the unexpected in every flip of the cards. Party games date back centuries, but today’s players may get bored with the same actions turn after turn during a few rounds of Charades or Who Am I? Game Night in a Can solves the problem by changing the game up in every round and encouraging maximum creativity from every player.

Game Night in a Can begins with a group of people and some paper and pencil for keeping score as well as for doodling on or wadding up in some of the forthcoming games. Each game is summarized on a “Disc-O,” a disc with art on one side and rules explaining the game on the other. The discs are spread out so that the Host can pick one to play.

Players may choose the Classic Rotating Host in which they take turns reading and judging the game, or they may have gameshow-style play with a single Host reading them all. Either way, players can work alone or compete as teams, which makes for maximum versatility for any group.

The true value of Game Night in a Can is in its wide variety of games. Many of the games are creative, such as “Headline News” where players have two minutes to think up the most attention-grabbing headline. Other games are physical, with players in teams of two throwing and catching paper balls in a can in “Bank Face.” Still other games may be mystery challenges, like guessing movies from quotes or “Hide the Burger” where all the players leave the room, the Host hides the disc, and they return to race to see who can find it first. Some of the best games combine critical thinking and creativity, such as “High Flyers” which challenges players to make the best paper airplane, with points given for distance, accuracy, and best design.

The first few times playing Game Night in a Can will likely be surprises with the Host choosing based on the art side of the Disc-O. As players continue, they will find favorites. Since the goal is to have fun, there is nothing wrong with choosing one that has been played before or taking a chance on something new. There is even room to add some homemade games, such as staring contests. Whatever the form of the games, whoever has the most points by the end of the agreed upon number of rounds wins (shiny gold, silver, and bronze medals are the sought-after prizes), although everyone is a winner having fun.

Game Night in a Can is a party game for three to 30 people. The standard game consists of five rounds for 20 or 30 minutes, but it is readily adaptable to quick one-shots or marathon games using all 35 Disc-Os. The thorough rules on each card make it perfect for family night since younger players can easily dive in once the game is understood. The rulebook even encourages changing any of the instructions or time limits to best fit the needs of the group.

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