Thursday , April 25 2024
A friendly online program makes learning a foreign language easier.

Online Product Review: Rocket Languages

For many years I’ve wanted to learn Spanish. Unfortunately, not only is it cognitively difficult for an adult to learn a new language, it’s very hard for a working person to find the time. Rocket Languages provides beginning online lessons in 11 languages (along with English courses for Spanish and Japanese speakers), each divided into comfortably small units that cover important conversational and grammatical basics. They also offer intermediate and advanced programs in some of those languages.

I was given the opportunity to take the first series of lessons in Rocket’s Spanish program, and although I can’t offer a thorough review given the limited time I’ve spent with the program to date, I did see results, actually making some noticeable progress in speaking and understanding Spanish. Clear presentations of a variety of colloquial conversations and careful explication of their structure and vocabulary make the process painless and even fun. Games, interactive quizzes, a vocabulary tracking feature, and other elements are also available to enhance the experience.

Of course, there’s no magic to this; you have to spend the requisite time, concentrate fully while you’re doing the lessons, and repeat them as needed. But my impression so far is that if you’re an adult looking to learn a foreign language on your own time – and let’s face it, who has time for regularly scheduled lessons? – Rocket’s program is a good way to go. It fits into your schedule whenever you have time and wherever you have access to the Internet.

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