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office 2007

Microsoft Corporation released the latest version of it Office productivity suite, Office 2007 on December 11, 2007. They dramatically changed the graphical user interface by introducing the Ribbon User Interface and a central menu button known as the 'Office Button.'

While Microsoft is most widely known for its Windows operating system, they also dominate the office application suite market with Microsoft Office 2007. Although, depending on the version, there are a number of products that come with Office 2007, it really consists of 5 core Office items.

Microsoft Word is a word processing application that used for document creation. Microsoft Excel is spreadsheet system used for calculation and graphically displaying numbers, Microsoft Outlook which is a personal information manger and email product system. Microsoft PowerPoint is a presentation design system. And Microsoft Access a relational database system that allows relatively unskilled programmers to build simple applications.

Office 2007 is another product that Microsoft has created that has spawned numerous add-on products that have been developed using Visual Studio.NET and a software development kit; virtually creating another branch in the Microsoft tree.

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