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With events all month long, Archtober 2013 has something for everyone, whether you're an industry professional or just looking for great home furnishings.

NYC Hosts Archtober 2013 and Architecture and Design Film Festival This Month

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The web has been bursting with activity surrounding the fifth annual Architecture and Design Film Festival and upcoming Archtober 2013 events in New York City. Blogs around the world have been releasing exciting sneak peaks all October, scrutinizing the upcoming films, lectures, and exhibits. Home-improvement and architecture buffs are excited to see what new ideas come from these October events. Get your idea books, Pinterest accounts, and social media ready – this five-day film extravaganza will have you scribbling down must-have fixtures and modifications for your home.

The Current Buzz

Houzz, a home design social media network, posted gorgeous clips and high-resolution shots of some locations featured in the upcoming film festival. These surprising designs include the Oyler House, Bertrand Golberg’s Prentice Women’s Hospital, and Luis Barragan’s house. Viewers get to delve into the lives of high-profile architects to explore their inspiration, work, and perspectives on a cinematic level.

Canadian Architect Magazine has also contributed to the buzz surrounding this year’s film festival, highlighting three panel events and presentations. If you’re living in Brooklyn right now, it might be a good idea to get down to “Brooklyn Renaissance for All,” a discussion about the future development of this community led by curators, current residents, and business leaders. The publication also encourages visitors to check out “Preserving the Modern” (a detailed look into historical site preservation) and “Midnight and Modernism in Moscow” (panel discussions on Russian architecture).

Jan Gehl Architecture Feature

Design aficionados are becoming increasingly excited about the film festival’s early preview of The Human Scale, which is directed by Danish filmmaker Andreas Dalsgaard. This sneak peak will give viewers a glimpse into the philosophy of urban planning, exploring the decisions made by architect Jan Gehl. This pivotal figure designed cities with cyclists and pedestrians in mind, shifting urban landscapes throughout Copenhagen, New York City, and Australia. Gehl has received many awards for his impact on city planning, including the 2009 Civic Trust Award, the 2011 Prince Eugen Medal, and the 1993 Sir Patrick Abercrombie Prize. Fans of his work are exhilarated by the upcoming Human Scale sneak peak, as it promises a look into the work processes and mindset of this design master.

Get Updates on Social Media

The coordinators for the Architecture and Design Film Festival have been particularly aggressive with their social media updates. If you want to get blow-by-blow updates on home improvement and architecture news, make sure to check out their official Facebook page. They recently posted photos from their October 2 Archtober Kickoff Party which took place in the inspirational workspace Steelcase in Columbus Circle, which showcases sleek workspaces from around the world. Partygoers were treated to a unique and breathtaking panorama view from the building’s expansive windows.

The Archtober Calendar

The selection of events is truly overwhelming. Head over to the official Archtober 2013 calendar and tune into events that fit your home improvement tastes. There are several events happening every day of October, so there’s no excuse to miss out on the fun. Even if you aren’t based in New York, you can join in on the fun by following coordinators on social media and live video streams. Some recent event highlights include “What to Expect When You’re Renovating” hosted by the Center for Architecture Foundation, and “A Home in the City” panel discussion, hosted at Fordham University.

Archtober 2013 has something for everyone. Whether you’re an industry professional or just looking for great home furnishings, you’ll find immense value in the lectures, films, and events of this month-long extravaganza. Plug into social media, check out live streams, and make sure you don’t miss any Archtober action!

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