Thursday , July 18 2024
EA played host to a bloggers' look into the new MySims title at Redwood City, California.

Nintendo DS/Wii Preview: MySims

At Electronic Arts' Headquarters in Redwood City, CA, creators and producers gave in-depth information about the process of making MySims. These talented people, including Tim LeTourneau (executive producer of the game), did a great job customizing the game specifically for the current "top of the heap" console – the Wii. This team allows players to tell a story through one very customizable character. Some unique character features include the ability to change your Sim's voice and pitch.

The research and efforts described by the team included interpreting each character and finding special charm in them through the color and voice talent including improv actors who worked to match what they see on the screen. These MySims, or "hamsters with jobs," associate special essence themes with all their activities. These themes basically hardwire their basic personality (i.e. like/dislikes) while social events also creates variety. The comprehensive building choices feeds endless possibilities and constant creativity. Players can choose from several characters and social interactions for plenty of experimentation, good will and mischief as players have fun "playing God."

"We wanted to give players the opportunity to create, build and look down at what they've got." Constant efforts from the team reduce limitations to create even more seemingly infinite possibilities. The building blueprints (or templates) make the assembling even easier, though players can still make items from scratch with a variety of objects. This choice between "blank pages" and "coloring book" provide an outstanding artistic experience, plus the strong visuals show off the creations very well. Players can also utilize some great cycling options with their building materials as they continue their goal to create a completely functional community with an ultimate five star rating goal. Even after reaching that goal, this game continues with social interactions, unlockables and other surprises.

The DS version, spearheaded by producer Mitch Ueno, also features the same game elements, plus well-incorporated, leisurely paced minigames. "The Nintendo DS version of MySims is one of the most relaxing games I've played," said Rod Humble, who also gave a nice introduction. Lei making becomes a staple activity as you work to rebuild as seaside resort. Game play differences from the Wii version include a challenging social interacting time limit complete with a simplistic choice system. Storylines tie together well with game elements and even between titles (the mayors of each version have a unique link).

"Hey mommy, come build a house!" was a phrase that describe the ease of functionality and controls making an completely approachable game for all ages of players. After hearing several similarity references to LEGOs, Harvest Moon and Animal Crossing, MySims stands strong as a very engaging, original exercise in escapism. Look for the release soon and in-depth reviews of each approachable game right here.

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