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Nick Moss Releases Here I Am Nov. 22, Tracklisting and Artwork Revealed

Nick Moss will release Here I Am on November 22 through his own Blue Bella Records, following up the most commercially and critically successful album of his career to date.

Moss’ last release, Privileged, saw the award-winning bluesman expanding his sound beyond the traditional Chicago blues that had been his music’s foundation since his 1998 debut, First Offense. Here I Am continues that expansion to formulate the most sonically diverse album of his career as he pushes his sound, songwriting, and lead-guitar work further than ever before.

Of his guitar work, noted historian Bill Dahl calls Moss “the most exciting blues guitarist we have around here,” and there are plenty of examples of that throughout Here I Am, an album fellow bluesman and guitarist Jimmy Thackery has praised for “pushing the evolution of his music” with tunes that are “genuine and intense.”

The first single, “It’ll Turn Around,” has been streaming for a month now and has generated considerable attention and buzz; you can still hear this timely, timeless offering, one which delivers a message of hope for the tumultuous times in which we live.

Moss is backed by keyboard/organist Travis Reed, guitarist/vocalist Michael Ledbetter, drummer Patrick Seals, and duties were spilt by Nik Skilnik and “Stumpy” Hutchkins. The tracklisting for Here I Am is:

  1. Why You So Mean?
  2. Blood Runs
  3. Here I Am
  4. Candy Nation
  5. It’ll Turn Around
  6. Long Haul Jockey
  7. Here Comes Moses
  8. Caught By Surprise
  9. Katie Ann (Slight Return)
  10. Sunday Get Together
  11. It’ll Turn Around (Radio Edit)

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