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Quick previews of title being released in paperback August 2017.

New in August Paperbacks

The last leg of summer has finally arrived with the might of an overwhelming heat wave. Take a look at our selection of noteworthy novels released in paperback this month, sure to help keep you cool and fortified:

The Next by Stephanie Gangi: As Joanna DeAngelis dies after losing the battle with a terminal illness, she realizes that she wants revenge on the man who left her for someone else when she needed him the most. As Joanna navigates the complicated mess that is the afterlife, can she find a way to be happy in death? August 15,  St Martin’s Press.

Cruel, Beautiful World by Caroline Leavitt: In the wake of the Manson Murders, sixteen year old Lucy runs away with her much older high school teacher. The repercussions of her actions will leave her family reeling, as they attempt to come to terms with Lucy’s disappearance and the impact on their own lives.  August 8, Algonquin Books.

The Regulars by Georgia Clark: A group of friends who share mounting insecurities and self-doubt about the future are offered the unique opportunity to have the physical beauty they desire. But is the appeal of being pretty worth losing who you really are? August 8, Atria Books.

The Outside Lands by Hannah Kohler: The Vietnam War is the backdrop of this compelling story in which siblings Kip and Jeannie, raised in the wake of their mother’s mysterious death and their father’s detachment towards them, find themselves living their own personal turmoils accelerated by a war that changed America forever. August 8,  St. Martin’s Press.

A Wife of Noble Character by Yvonne Georgina Puig: Thirty-year-old Vivian Cally is living off the prestige of a wealth that no longer exists, hoping she can marry a man who will allow her to keep the lifestyle she’s been accustomed to her whole life. But then Preston Duffy, whom Vivian has known and often encouraged his attentions, begins to challenge her expectations and her blind belief in rigid traditional values. August 8, St. Martin’s Press.

The Imperial Wife by Irina Reyn: Tanya Kagan, a rising auction house star specializing in Russian Art, is on the brink of securing the Order of St. Catherine, a much coveted artifact from the time of Catherine the Great. As Tanya deals with the true provenance of the order and her husband’s abandonment, she finds herself unexpectedly connected to the infamous Russian empress in more ways than one.  August 1, St. Martin’s Press.

Monsters: A Love Story by Liz Kay:  Stacey Lane is shocked when the bold feminist adaptation of Frankenstein she’s written, catches the eye of Hollywood and playboy super star Tommy DeMarco. Stacey, recently widowed and dealing with the challenge of raising two boys on her own, finds herself falling for Tommy and embarking in a secret relationship with him, while fearing the added turmoil, not to mention the looming spotlight he’ll inexorably bring into her life. August 1, G.P. Putnam’s Sons.

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