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NAB 2022
How 'The Bad Guys' was created will be a featured NAB session

NAB Show: Live Again in Las Vegas with Drew Carey, Nick Cannon, Lester Holt

After a virtual show in 2020 and a last-minute cancelation in 2021 because of COVID, the conference of the National Association of Broadcasters, the NAB Show, returns to the face-to-face world April 23–27 at the Las Vegas Convention Center. NAB represents the interests of America’s broadcasters in legislative, regulatory, and public affairs. The NAB show, this year with over 900 exhibitors, will focus on the technology and training needed to stay on the cutting edge of digital-age video production.

NAB 2022
Kiki Palmer received the Chairman’s Award at NAB 2016

The show also recognizes powerhouse personalities in the industry. Past shows have featured names such as Jerry Lewis, Ang Lee, and Chuck Lorre. This year’s guests will include Nick Cannon, the creative mind behind The Masked Singer; Drew Carey of The Price is Right; and Lester Holt of NBC Nightly News.

Navigating the Show

NAB 2022
Drew Carey of ‘The Price is Right’ will be one of many celebrities at the NAB Show

The show has physically expanded to include the newly built West Hall of the Las Vegas Convention Center (LVCC). To help attendees navigate the massive event, the exhibits are organized around themes, including Create, Connect, Capitalize, and Intelligent Content. Guided tours of the exhibit halls will help attendees get a handle on the massive amount of data available.

In addition to these main areas, the Futures Park brings together cutting-edge media technologies from around the world. Other parts of the show will feature workshops on production and alternate delivery technologies. These will include Internet broadcasting and Advanced Television Systems Committee 3.0 standards (ATSC 3.0). These standards, also known as NextGen TV, will enable higher video/audio resolution and viewer interactivity.

Behind the Scenes

Whether you love TV, movies, or books, NAB has behind-the-scenes fun for you.

HBO Max’s pirate series Our Flag Means Death uses virtual tools and massive high-resolution imagery to create a realistic visual environment. The show’s visual effects supervisor Dave Van Dyke will discuss how they make this work.

I found Everything Everywhere All At Once one of the most visually stunning films I saw at SXSW this year. Producing it during the pandemic, the filmmakers worked with a far-flung cast and crew to create an intense cinematic experience. The film’s director Daniel Kwan and editor Paul Rodgers will share techniques involving cloud-based collaboration and shared technology with Adobe Pro Video rep Meagan Keane.

NAB 2022
The new West Hall of the Las Vegas Convention Center will house many of the NAB exhibitors

The New York Times-bestselling book series The Bad Guys has transitioned to an animated feature. It will release in the United States on April 22. The Hollywood Reporter’s Carolyn Giardina will grill director Pierre Perifel and editor John Venzon on the creative decisions that must be made to go from book to the screen with talking animal characters.

Government Help?

The communications industry deals with regulation every day. Most of that originates from the Federal Communications Commission (FCC). Directly after the show’s opening ceremony attendees will be able to view a discussion between NAB President and CEO Curtis LeGeyt and FCC Chairwoman Jessica Rosenworcel.

In a release provided by NAB, LeGeyt explained, “In today’s hyper-competitive media landscape, a regulatory framework that allows local radio and television stations to evolve, adapt and better serve their audiences is of vital importance. Broadcasters look forward to hearing from Chairwoman Rosenworcel about her role as the head of a critical agency and her outlook on the future of our industry.”

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