Thursday , July 7 2022


Music Review: Hayes Carll – ‘Lovers and Leavers’

The Americana troubadour evolves into a plumber of the soul on his fine new album. I imagine him sitting back in a cracked leather easy chair, letting out a long slow breath, and surveying the haste and waste of the world around him before starting work on these songs.

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Concert Review (NYC): ‘Songs for Eternity’ with Ute Lemper – Music from Ghetto and Concentration Camp

For three decades, Italian musician Francesco Lotoro has traveled the world collecting manuscripts of music written in concentration camps and the Jewish ghettoes during World War II by victims and survivors of the Holocaust.

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SXSW Film Review: ‘The American Epic Sessions’ – An Amazing Journey Through Musical History

Bernard McMahon and Allison McGourtey's loving tribute to American musical history doubles as an entertaining concert film.

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