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Water Seed

Music Review: Water Seed – ‘Say Yeah!! Live at the Blue Nile’ Delivers a Big Funk Party Band Sound

Water Seed dropped their second album, and first live album, on June 22. Say Yeah!! Live at the Blue Nile was recorded live at the renowned Blue Nile, on Frenchmen Street in New Orleans. The band will be touring North America throughout the summer.

We Are Stars, Water Seed’s first album, hit Billboard’s Top 40, showcasing the band’s big funk party-band sound. The band has performed at the New Orleans Jazz and Heritage Festival, the New Orleans Essence Festival, and the Apollo Theater, as well as a three-month stint in Russia.

Say Yeah!! Live at the Blue Nile includes 10 tracks of soul-filled funk reminiscent of Earth, Wind & Fire.

One of the album’s highlights is “Work It Out,” a retro-pop tune with a slapping bassline from the center of the earth, smooth surfacing horns, and crisp vocal harmonies. A quavering organ infuses the music with incandescent colors and gleaming energy. “Messed Up” is a thick soulful R&B tune flavored with a keening organ, potent vocals, and effulgent background harmonies rife with gospel-like flair.

A call of “You got, you got it” opens “Open Sesame,” a funky jazz tune invoking the delicious sound of Earth, Wind & Fire. Skittering guitars, glittering horn accents, and dazzling vocals infuse the music with a cool brio. And, wait for it: The penultimate vocal wail, which should end the song, gives way to a snarling guitar and soothsaying harmonies.

“Funktimus Prime” merges get-up-and-go funk with rock-flavored guitars and braying horns. Growling vocals match the potent discharge of the guitars, giving the tune a hefty impact hard to evade. The dynamism on display on this song is irresistible.

The last track on the album, “Home to You,” drops the energy level way down, resulting in a smooth, R&B-flavored tune. Gorgeous horns float overhead, as the rasping vocals imbue the song with passionate, tender hues.

Say Yeah!! Live at the Blue Nile is tremendous. Water Seed certainly deliver the goods on this album.

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