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The Furious Seasons return with an album of calm and sophisticated pop.

Music Review: The Furious Seasons – My Analog Face

The Furious Seasons have an alternative pop or at times an alternative folk vibe. However, there is a calmness to their sound that moves it in a new age direction. It all adds up to an inventive hybrid of sound that will both lull and entertain the listener on new record My Analog Face.

The band is comprised of lead vocalist/guitarist/songwriter David Steinhart, violinist/guitarist Ray Chang, guitarist Nathan Steinhart, bassist Jeff Steinhart, and drummer Bob Gannon. The sound does not stop there as a number of backing musicians who bring strings, keyboards, and more guitars to the sound, are used on many of the tracks.

Their latest release combines catchy melodies with incisive lyrics, but it is the intricate nature of the music that makes the album memorable and at times mesmerizing. The first three tracks, “Let’s Sweep Together,” “On The Wire,” and “History Repeats Again” all have intricate interplay between the musicians. The music becomes more sophisticated by the addition of another violin, cello, and keyboards. Many of the instruments have distinctness within the context of the larger sound. Instruments meander in and out as the songs build to their conclusion. Over it all, David Steinhart’s calm vocal smooths out the rough edges.

While many of the other tracks travel in the same direction, the sound is more stripped down yet retains the instrumental interplay. The interaction between the guitars and Chang’s violin is one of the unique combinations that I have heard recently. They trade leads yet are able to combine their sounds in a way that two guitarists are unable to do.

The music of The Furious Seasons will not overwhelm you but it will take your mind to unexplored places and make you think and relax. If you are in the mood for an unusual mixture of sounds, presented within some calm melodic pop, then My Analog Face is an album you might want to give a try.

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