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The Color Forty Nine

Music Review: The Color Forty Nine – ‘The Color Forty Nine’ EP Dazzles

Hailing from San Diego, California, The Color Forty Nine drops their eponymous debut EP today, June 15. The band is made up of talented multi-instrumentalists, including Phil Beaumont (vocals, tiny guitar), Jason Hooper (bass, vocals), John Meeks (drums, vocals), and Matt Resovich (violin, tenor guitar, keyboards, vocals).

The songs on The Color Forty Nine mirror autobiographical moments, vulnerability, as well as the innate human desire to be more than a passenger in the vehicle of life. Beaumont’s lyrics delve into the idea of refuge, refuge in moments, people, and circumstances. His lush, affluent tenor allows him to imbue the lyrics with exquisite subtlety and magnetic sonority. It’s a voice that reflects the polished timbres of Chris Isaak and Jim Morrison, fluid and coruscating with revelatory colors.

Comprising seven tracks, all the songs ooze linear wistful pigments. My favorites include the first track, “I Will,” a song about anonymity within the swarm of humanity and acceptance of human imperfections. The intro to the song is delicate and gorgeous, followed by Beaumont’s tenderly potent voice. A soaring violin and graceful piano give the tune harmonic scope, as well as a scrumptious flow.

“Hours Made” rides light guitars and potent drums amid streaming sonic colors, like a rush of sound on the wind. When the tempo slows, the song takes on a Doors-like pale blush of energy. “Did You Think of This All by Yourself” offers a dreamy, creamy feel accented by delicious lounge-like background vocal harmonies. “Side of the Road” smolders with dark kaleidoscopic colors growing more intense as the music proceeds, like a brewing storm gathering strength.

The Color Forty Nine is wonderfully superior. Radiant alt rock melodies full of dream pop enchantment infuse the music with extra-suspensory attributes. And Beaumont’s remarkable voice furnishes plush tones of patent magnetism.

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