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Shelita Burke combines talented vocals with mainstream pop sounds in her upcoming EP.

Music Review: Shelita Burke – ‘Five’ EP

To be released at the end of October 2016, Shelita Burke’s new EP features, quite simply, five tracks. Consistent elements throughout Five include the fact that Burke’s vocals are clear and well-polished. There doesn’t seem to be any digital manipulation to her vocals, not that any is necessary. This in itself gives the set a unique sound despite the familiar sounding beats and rhythms each number is built on. And while each song is built similarly, the differences in the auditory ingredients used make each one unique enough to be attention-grabbing rather than a source of boredom.

Shelita Burke 'Five'“Belong” and “Words” are very danceable, upbeat dance pop tracks. Built on an electronic, rhythmic line, they are both repetitive by nature which gives the catchiness of their melodies and lyrics a change to drag listeners in. The finger snapping-like sounds used in the latter, used during the song’s quieter moments, give it an almost intimate feel. The techno flavour added after the breaks in the tune at the one-and- two-thirds mark give it a welcoming, unexpected twist.

There are also some slower offerings on Five, such as the mid-tempo pop of “Over” and “Waiting”. In “Together”, the tempo fluctuates between slow and very slow. This contrast is further enhanced by a melody that goes from layered to sparse, i.e. featuring only the electronic line and vocals, which make it particularly attention-grabbing.

Burke’s music, including the above-mentioned song “Belong”, is available for streaming on Bandcamp. More information about the artist is available on her official website.

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