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'Swingando' brings all of the emotions, energy and dynamics of growing up in Rio and keeping deeply in touch with the Latin culture.

Music Review: Sergio Pereira – ‘Swingando’

Island-inspired melodies with its seeds in samba and calypso, Swingando from composer, songwriter, arranger and guitarist Sergio Pereira is steep in the traditional dance rhythms of Brazil with hints of acoustic pop and smooth jazz grooves. With all songs written by Pereira, the music comes in a variety of breezy-spread tunage, from the springy tempo of “Chega Ai” to the luxuriating bossa nova current of “Leblon Mix.” From soft ruminations that paint pictures of sunsets on the beach to the fast pace of festive outings, the music creates diverse moods for a recreational lifestyle.
The airy tingling of the keys leisurely strolling along “Let It Out” filament Latin swing embers barged by coasting beats that carry the listener to an island oasis through its euphoric soundscapes. The rhythm section of “My Girls” has a “Girl from Ipanema” strut as the soft cinder of the guitar chords produce placid waves in the undertow of the track.

“Spring” has a country folk tooling with a Latin accent as the keys glisten a smooth jazz sheen. Civilized and melodically stitched, “Ela” exudes a sophistication reflective of Brazilian masters Antonio Jobim and Joao Gilberto, with soothing chants hoisted by the wispy strokes of the guitar as the title track is harnessed in percolating keys and breezy percussive taps.

Originally from Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, Sergio Pereira is an international artist having performed in different bands that toured across Europe, America, and Africa. His understanding of harmony, technique, and melodic form honed his skills as a composer, songwriter, arranger, and guitarist. Keeping his feet firmly in Brazilian traditions, Pereira expands his wings, interweaving elements of pop and jazz into the mix and fashioning uplifting soundscapes for a recreational lifestyle.

Sergio Pereira – acoustic and electric guitar and vocals, Helio Alves – piano, Nilson Matta – bass, Mauricio Zottarelli – drums, Duduka da Fonseca – drums, Marcus Teixeira – guitar, Itaiguara Brandao – bass, Claudia Villela – vocals, Olivia Foschi – vocals, Candida Borges – vocals, Osmario Marinho – drums, Felipe Fidelis – bass, Felipe Silveira – keyboard

“Chega Ai,” “Ela,” “Leblon,” “Let It Out,” “My Girls,” “Spring,” “Swingando”


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