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A Voodoo Moon is shining as Savoy Brown celebrates its 45 anniversary.

Music Review: Savoy Brown – Voodoo Moon

I have lost track of Savoy Brown a number of times down through the years, sometimes for a decade or so at a stretch. They recently caught my attention again, though, as the band, under the leadership of founding member Kim Simmonds, were once again touring extensively and making regular trips to the recording studio.

Simmonds founded The Savoy Brown Blues Band way back in the mid-’60s. Now 45 years and over 30 albums into their career, they have continued to produce their brand of heavy rock/blues fusion. Their latest release is Voodoo Moon.

Since the band’s formation there have been close to 50 musicians passing through the lineup, with Simmonds being the only constant. Today his band mates include saxophonist/vocalist Joe Whiting, bassist Pat DeSalvo, and drummer Garnet Grimm. Additional musicians include keyboardist Andy Rudy and percussionist Ron Keck. Simmonds wrote or co-wrote, with Whiting, all nine of the new album’s tracks.

At this point, Savoy Brown are who they are, still enjoying a career spent living, loving, and playing the blues. Voodoo Moon continues in that vein as they deliver more polished music for aficionados of hard-rocking electric blues. Songs such as the crunching “She’s Got The Heat” and the blistering instrumental “24/7” are the newest entries into their large catalogue. Throw in “Shockwaves,” the title track, and “Meet The Blues Head On,” and you have the makings of one of the band’s better albums.

In speaking of Savoy Brown, the topic always returns to Kim Simmonds. In fact, this album began at his White College Studio, and was finished and mastered at SubCat Studio in upstate New York. He has always been an underrated guitarist and here his chops and licks are as creative as ever.

Voodoo Moon proves that Savoy Brown remains relevant as a band, one which continues to produce good music well into their extensive career. If you are already a fan, or just curious about what they’ve been up to lately, then this album will be a treat.


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