Wednesday , May 22 2024
Indie rockers Pellegrini are firmly rooted in an older rock style. Their new EP is a fun blast of rock and roll.

Music Review: Pellegrini – ‘Pellegrini’ EP

Pellegrini is an indie rock band based in Issaquah, Washington, fronted by singer-songwriter Daniel Pellegrini. Their new self-titled EP contains four original songs, each one steeped in thickly-layered electric guitars. Pellegrini’s muscular sound is rooted in the classic template of rockers from the ’70s and ’80s, a sound that’ll never go out of style. Often times what’s ‘cutting edge’ one year becomes ‘badly dated’ the next, so Pellegrini scores points by focusing on the timeless elemental joys of a steady backbeat, insistent bass lines, and plenty of crunchy guitars.

pellegrini“Freak” gets things off to a good-time start with a snarling vocal over an ever-churning riff. The lyrics find lead singer Pellegrini casting himself as a “freak with long hair” just looking for a date—a well-worn theme, but one that is treated here with good humor and high energy. “Walk In the Dark” has a darker, more introspective tone. The mid-tempo rocker is built around an infectious riff that recurs throughout the song.

“My Best Friend” kicks along happily with lyrics celebrating a cherished companion, while “Sad” is characterized by some agile guitar soloing. Pellegrini isn’t trying to reinvent the wheel here, they’re just having a great time blasting out some old-fashioned rock and roll. Daniel Pellegrini and co-producer Jay Pinto have crafted an uncluttered audio design for Pellegrini, and thankfully the rhythm section packs a satisfying low-end punch. For more information and to sample Pellegrini’s music, see their official website.

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