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Singer/songwriter Paul Curreri returns to form with his new album.

Music Review: Paul Curreri – California

Paul Curreri has just recovered from throat problems which necessitated surgery. This kept him out of the studio for three years. He filled the time by producing an album for his wife Devon Sproule and riding his beloved motorcycle thousands of miles through the Blue Ridge country of Virginia. All seems well now as he has released his sixth album, California.

He has been blessed with two talents. First he is an excellent guitarist. This mostly acoustic based album demonstrates how his picking style is both unique and precise. Second he is a talented song smith. He is able to paint pictures and transmit emotions through his lyrics. In this capacity he is very similar to his wife but his music is more consistently melodic than Sproule’s who is quirky at times.

While his sound and style move in a number of directions he can best be described as a modern American folk artist. The focus of his music is squarely focused upon his words.

He plays all the instruments on every track except one and there his wife steps in to support him.

“Once Upon A Rooftop” shows just how well he can construct a song. Its driving rhythms immediately grab your attention. It also serves as a vehicle for his guitar expertise. If you want a lesson as to how to play an acoustic guitar, this is a place to start.

“Here Comes Another Morning” puts the percussion up front as he uses his guitar as a supporting rhythm instrument. It is a foot taper as he weaves his story.

“Tight Pack Me Sugar” goes in yet another instrumental direction. While other instruments make an appearance it is basically a song of a piano supporting a singer.

“Wildgeeses” is the only track he did not write. He is joined by his wife and they unite together for a gentle duet. There voices unite effortlessly and they may want to consider a project together in the future.

Californiais an intimate look into the mind of Paul Curreri. His music allows the listener to join him as he expresses his thoughts and visions of life through his words and music. It all adds up to an interesting and enjoyable experience.

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