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Pale Mara

Music Review: Pale Mara – ‘Pale Mara’ LP

Meet Pale Mara, composed of Lee Godleski and Allison Robinson. Their new album, Pale Mara, encompasses 10 tracks.

Based in Brooklyn, the duo originally hailed from the North and the South. Their sound is a magical alchemy of old blended with the new, merging element of folk rock and country.

The best tracks on the Pale Mara include “Bird,” a tender country-flavored tune reminiscent of Leon Russell, drawling and oozing with gentle colors. Robinson’s voice, rich and soft, infuses the tune with savors of melancholy and recollection.

“I Think I Am a Phoenix” is a So-Cal soft folk rock tune with a pulsing bassline leading the rhythm along with light drums. The song recalls the laid-back tones of Poco, creamy and silky with sparkles of color from a Byrds-like guitar, shimmering and polished.

“Only Say It If You Mean It” opens on a trembling country groove attended by twangy guitars and reverberating resonance. There’s a Joni Mitchell quality to the tune, evoking delicious tangs of sonority from Robinson’s dulcet voice.

“Sun POV Song” is a folk rock tune rife with lustrous guitars. The highlight of the song is the gleaming guitar solo, giving the music fragile textures and embers of light. “Blue Dream” opens with jangly guitar riffs flowing into pop-flavored country. Glowing guitars, a tight bassline and crisp drums propel the rhythm forward. Robinson’s voice is soothing yet affluent, imbuing the lyrics with a frothy, gliding feel. This is my favorite track on the album because of its streaming flow.

The last track, “The Greenest Grass,” is a cashmere country tune full of delectable vocal harmonies, as well as a crying guitar that infuses the harmonics with sad bouquets of color. Robinson’s voice, high and aromatic, fits the music perfectly, giving the song a retro ‘50s piquancy that’s familiar yet refreshing.

If you pine for the heady days of Joni Mitchell and Poco, then Pale Mara should soothe your soul.

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