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Music Review: OYLS – ‘Ghosts’ Emanates Radiant Timbres

L.A.-based electro-pop duo OYLS recently released a new single called “Ghosts” from their self-titled EP, which dropped in the first half of March. The song reflects the band’s response to the 2016 presidential election.

OYLS garnered national attention with their debut single, “Maps,” which attained a top five ranking on Spotify’s Viral charts. To date, “Maps” has collected over one million streams. “Maps” was followed by another single, “10th Song,” and then by “In The Light.”

Made up of vocalist Michael Lipp and producer David Kirshenbaum, OYLS began making electronic music for a single reason: they had no instruments. After “Maps” put them on the charts, they decided to go with an electronic sound full of radiant synths, cool vocals, extended bass, and a definite danceable quality.

“Ghosts” opens with trembling synths and a funk-lite groove, as bright falsetto voices ride overhead. The synths shimmer and glow with muted energy, giving the tune a disco-lite flavor reminiscent of Michael Jackson crossed with the Bee Gees. The extended bass line pulses energetically, as crinkly guitars add harmonic accents. A wailing guitar solo provides vehement textures and a cry of frustration.

Lipp’s inflection and delivery attain a cool, crisp timbre that’s angular yet contagious, while high and low vocal effects complement the lead vocals with nuanced depth.

“Ghosts” exudes an inscrutable tension, tantalizing colors, and a gracious expression of harmonic energy. The vocals carry a metallic bite and intensity that hit home with significance. If you’re into sleek electro-pop, “Ghosts” will provide your next musical fix.

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