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Nina Simone's music is remixed and issued on vinyl. It doen't get much better than that!

Music Review: Nina Simone – Remixed & Reimagined

The Sony BMG label began its Remixed & Reimagined series in 2006 and the music of Nina Simone was the first release. The concept was to allow assorted club DJ's to recut songs of classic artists in modern form. It may seem like an odd idea, but the results proved at least interesting and, in places, excellent.

This album was originally issued in CD form in 2006 and now it resurfaces on vinyl as part of the label’s Legacy series. Despite it being issued on regular (rather than 180 gram) vinyl, it still has a heavier feel. The sound is crystal clear and serves as  yet another example of how good record albums can sound when properly produced. 

Remixed & Reimagined may be electronica and technological, but in its heart and soul it remains a Nina Simone album. Her music is difficult to place in one category, but it is safe to say that her legacy includes that of a distinguished jazz vocalist, having released nearly forty albums during her lengthy career. The tracks that comprise this release were taken from 1968-1974 when she was signed to the RCA label.

Some purists may not appreciate this re-working of Simone’s music as it does remove the songs from their classic form. Rather than replacing her performances, though, this album updates them and ultimately allows these new creations to stand on their own alongside the old ones. This album can thus be enjoyed as a unique and stand-alone work.

It should be noted that the vinyl issue is shorter than the CD as it only contains nine tracks. There are also three tracks that are only available through iTunes.

The songs that work the best are “Ain’t Got No-I Got Life” Groovefinder Remix, “Here Come The Sun” Francois K. Remix, “To Love Somebody” Chris Coco’s Stadium Rocker Remix and “Obeah Woman” DJ Logic Remix. Each of the tracks retains the vocal integrity of the original while the music takes their sound in new directions.

Remixed and Reimagined is a very different but enjoyable listen for any fan of Nina Simone. So crank up the old record player and enjoy.

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