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Music Review: New Language – ‘Give In’ Brings Post-Hardcore Heat

L.A.’s post-hardcore band New Language released a new single Friday, April 13. The single is called “Give In.” Tyler Demorest (vocals, guitar) explains the thrust of the song, saying, “‘Give In’ is about recognizing the volume of junk being shoved in our faces at all times in order to keep us distracted from what is important.”

New Language’s co-founders, Demorest and Matt Cohen, got together in 2016. Hooking up with songwriter / producer Tony Hajjar, they dropped their debut LP Come Alive in 2017, followed by their Everybody Screams EP, produced by Alex Newport. The band has shared the stage with Gone Is Gone and The Used. At the present moment, New Language is putting the final polish on their new EP, slated to drop in 2018.

“Give In” opens with nuclear-powered rumbling, grinding guitars, and Jovian drums. Demorest’s potent, rasping vocals enter and the tune blasts off with heavy energy. Deep, dark harmonics infuse the song with thrumming waves of surging dynamism. The bridge just before the lingering solo reeks of cavernous tones, while the solo drifts with impending strident colors, prior to the final galvanizing culmination.

The snarling lyrics, along with Demorest’s powerful, surly delivery, give the song a moussed up momentum that’s unstoppable.

“Eyes wide open / Carry me away / Take me away from here / I’m going insane, I know it / Tearing at the threads / Tearing down everything / But if you turn away / And give in, give in / Turn away, give in, give in.”

“Give In” hits with a visceral punch. Muscularity and dominance prevail, as the music smites home with perforating, cutting oomph. The vocals wail, abandoning any sense of restraint, injecting the tune with harsh-textured passion. New Language definitely brings the heat.

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